10 JFK Style Lessons to Achieve an Effortless Cool

10 JFK Style Lessons to Achieve an Effortless Cool

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It's hard to believe that's been sixty years since the world lost President John F. Kennedy. One of the youngest presidents ever, JFK made an indelible mark in many different ways, one of those being his sense of style. Known for basically putting Brooks Brothers on the map through his regular shopping visits as one of the world's biggest and most respected suit brands, sharp slim-fitting suits tailored to perfection were the name of JFK's style game. Often accompanying his elegant suits and semi-casual fits were a sleek pair of dress shoes, and he was known to regularly finish his looks with American Optical's Saratoga Sunglasses, which definitely upped the icon meter on some of his outfits. President Kennedy was always super cool, super fly, and super stylish (and so was his equally stylish wife Jackie O), and in celebration of his memory, we're giving you 10 JFK style lessons to help you achieve an effortless cool.

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1. Slim suiting always looks good

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JFK really helped with putting Brooks Brothers on the map nationally as he was a huge fan of their suits and a regular customer. Whether the suit he was wearing was a Brooks Brother piece or not, JFK's suits were always slim-fitted, sleek, polished, and tailored to suit his body perfectly. To achieve a JFK suit look, you must first invest in a quality that suit that either fits your body precisely from either a measurement perspective, or you must be willing to take it into a tailor to have them work on it. JFK's suits were never oversized, baggy, or sloppy, so these steps have to be taken if you want to nail the look.

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2. The dress shirts have to be on point too

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It wasn't uncommon for JFK to take off his suit jacket/blazer and rock his dress shirts by themselves. It also wasn't uncommon for him to sport a nice polo shirt on warm summer days—especially when he was golfing or playing tennis. A simple yet high quality dress shirt can be just as impactful as a sharp suit, so while you're at it, make the investment in a dress shirt as well.

Dress shirts to achieve the look

3. Sunglasses are an easy win

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As we mentioned earlier, President Kennedy's go-to sunglasses of choice were American Optical's Saratoga Sunglasses. While you don't necessarily have to purchase these, a nice pair of shades can really elevate your outfit and swagger to the next level. JFK style.

Sunglasses to achieve the look

4. Don't forget about the dress shoes

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A nice pair of shoes can elevate an outfit, and a bad pair can instantly ruin it. JFK understood the importance of making sure his shoes were polished, sharp, and complimentary to what he was wearing. If you want to dress like him, the shoes need to be on point.

Dress shoes to achieve the look

5. When it comes to ties, keep with the classics

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JFK proved that you don't always have to go with a solid black tie. Kennedy would often play around with his stripes, different colors other than black, and loved his bowties to a fault. Don't be afraid to play around with your ties fellas.

Ties to achieve the look

6. Don't shy away from a pair of white sneakers

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JFK was never afraid to rock nice pair of sneakers, and you shouldn't be either. If Kennedy could proudly rocks suits and sneaks, then so can you. Just make sure the sneakers are fly and go with your outfit though—that's the most important thing.

Sneakers to achieve the look

7. A chunky sweater in the fall and winter

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Sweater weather requires a chunky sweater, which is one of JFK's favorite staple pieces when he wasn't wearing a suit or a dress shirt. Make sure to add a few chunky sweaters into your capsule wardrobe for the fall and winter.

Chunky sweaters to achieve the look

8. Invest in those khakis

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JFK loved wearing both khaki pants and shorts. If you purchase a pair of each, you've instantly got the JFK look nailed down.

9. An overcoat is an autumn staple

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Want to look like JFK in the winter? Simple. Make sure you grab an overcoat. Not only is an overcoat elegant and very stylish, but it can transform your outfit completely. You'll have one look when you're wearing the coat, and a completely different look once you take the coat off.

Overcoats to achieve the look

10. Wear a cool hat once in a while

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And lastly, where a cool smooth hat to compliment the smooth coat you're wearing. All eyes will be on you just like they were President Kennedy.

Hats to achieve the look

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