137FM Update

137FM Mobile Images 1

For all the music fanatics who've been waiting: here's our 137FM update.

In the twelve volumes of 137FM that we've had so far, we've covered a lot of ground. In case you missed it, here's who we've covered so far:



Moving Forward

As we head into the next chapter of 137FM, we're aiming to have a broader focus. We'll still be highlighting our favorite emerging artists and producers, but we'll be covering a lot more in general. The past, the present, the future - all things that music lovers are bound to be head over heels for. We'll give deep context into music history and how it ties into the present day, along with a glance into the bright future that music has.

We'll be releasing a lot more content in addition to our weekly article, so stay tuned!

That's it for our 137FM update. In the meantime, get familiar with everybody on this playlist; it's comprised of all the names we mentioned above. You're gonna want to hear this for yourself:

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