The 10 Best BabyTron Lyrics of All Time

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When it comes to the best BabyTron lyrics, there are plenty to choose from. Hailing from Detroit, Michigan is an absolute lyrical powerhouse in the rap game, BabyTron. He's got wit, intelligence, and unmatched machismo throughout his well-thought-out lyrics, so it's only right that we highlight some of his best. Without further ado, here are the top 10 best BabyTron lyrics of all time.

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10. “Whole team eating, told the chef we need a big table.”

9. “Twenty-fifth of December, that's the type of gift that I am.”

8. “Never once in life did I try and be somebody else / Deep down inside, feel like I don't need nobody help.”

7. “Bitch, I'm fresher than the mannequin in Neiman's.”

6. “Riding on this wave like a pirate, I'll let the cannon blow.”

5. “Had to take my hat off in the booth, 'cause I don't rap cap.”

4. “I need a tuxedo for my brain, how I mind my biz.”

3. “Ran it up fast, shit, I should've played some halfback.”

2. “Had a better season than Giannis, got my bucks up.”

1. “Like underneath your eyebrow, bitch I ball.”

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