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Let's talk about the best DMX features. DMX was a truly legendary force in the genre of hip-hop, and there are seemingly countless examples of top-tier features from him. In no particular order, here's our list of the 20 best DMX features. Here we go.

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20. LL Cool J - "Fuhgidabowdit (feat. DMX)"

LL Cool J was one of the earliest rappers to cement themselves as a legend in the rap game, and not too long after DMX did the same. In true New York fashion, the two of them got on a record together called "Fuhgidabowdit," and the rest is history.

19. Jayo Felony - "Whatcha Gonna Do (feat. Method Man and DMX)"

Jayo Felony made a wise choice in selecting Method Man and DMX as his two features for the song "Whatcha Gonna Do." The song has only become more and more classic as it ages.

18. N.A.S.A. - "Meltdown (feat. DMX and Priyanka Chopra)"

N.A.S.A. sought the help of DMX and Priyanka Chopra in making their record, "Meltdown." The selection of features proved to be a great choice that would only continue to be regarded as such.

17. Yung Wun - "Tear It Up (feat. DMX, Lil' Flip, David Banner)"

When you include DMX, Lil' Flip, and David Banner on a track, how could you possibly miss? Such is the case for Yung Wun's song "Tear It Up." DMX really doesn't miss.

16. N.O.R.E. - "Electrolytes (feat. DMX)"

When N.O.R.E. made his EP, Scared Money, he knew he had to include DMX, and so he did. On the song "Electrolytes," DMX joined the co-host of Drink Champs to make an unforgettable record.

15. Monica - "Don't Gotta Go Home (feat. DMX)"

DMX's feature on the Monica song, "Don't Gotta Go Home" is one for the books. He added a type of substance to the song that no other artist could've possibly done.

14. Mark Morrison - "Innocent Man (feat. DMX)"

Mark Morrison's "Innocent Man" is next up on our list of the best DMX features. The song knocks, and it came with a video that only added to the depth.

13. N.O.4 - "Tell Ya Friends (feat. DMX)"

N.O.4 is the next artist on our list to make the wise choice of including DMX on one of their songs. "Tell Ya Friends" is yet another timeless track featuring the likes of DMX.

12. Funkmaster Flex - "Do You (feat. DMX)"

Funkmaster Flex is a legend in his own right, and obviously DMX is as well. When they joined forces on Funk Flex's record, "Do You," they gave listeners a song for the books.

11. The Lox - "Bout Shit (feat. DMX)"

When it comes to New York rap, The Lox and DMX are at the top of the list. Their collaboration "Bout Shit" is a quintessential New York City hip-hop track.

10. Mary J. Blige - "Sincerity (feat. DMX and Nas)"

Talk about heat: Mary J. Blige, DMX, and Nas all on a song together. Such was the case for their group collaboration on Mary J. Blige's song, "Sincerity."

9. Onyx - "Shut 'Em Down (feat. DMX)"

Onyx and DMX made a classic with their collaboration on "Shut 'Em Down." Don't believe us? Take a listen for yourself and tell us any different.

8. DJ Clue? - "It's On (feat. DMX)"

DJ Clue? is one of the most revered DJ's in hip-hop history, and for good reason. This particular song with DMX was one of his best, and still is to this day.

7. Ja Rule - "It's Murda (feat. DMX and Jay-Z)"

Ja Rule, DMX and Jay-Z on a song together? You already know what the result is. Pure hip-hop prowess. Their collaboration on "It's Murda" showed off all of their skills in a very memorable way.

6. Busta Rhymes - "Why We Die (feat. DMX and Jay-Z)"

In yet another timeless song with DMX and Jay-Z as features, "Why We Die" is a reminder of just how talented they are - as well as Busta Rhymes, who made the wise decision of including them on his song.

5. Jadakiss - "Who's Real (feat. Various Artists)"

Jadakiss decided to have a ton of artists on this remix, and somehow DMX still managed to stick out amongst all of them. Not only are there a lot of features, but they're all incredibly talented. DMX once again proved his superhuman-like rap ability.

4. DJ Envy - "Deeper (feat. DMX)"

In yet another track from a world-renowned DJ, DMX linked up with DJ Envy to make another NYC classic, "Deeper." If this is your first time hearing it, then you're in luck.

3. Redman - "Doggz II (feat. DMX)"

Redman has a tendency to make fire music, and so he did on this incredible collaboration with DMX, "Doggz II." It's another reminder of just how nice they are at rapping, and together, too.

2. Jay-Z - "Money, Cash, Hoes (feat. DMX)"

Of all the New York City classics on our list, Jay-Z's "Money, Cash, Hoes" featuring DMX just might take the cake - which is really saying a lot. This is something that any native New Yorker probably knows every single word to.

1. Aaliyah - "Come Back In One Piece (feat. DMX)"

Aaliyah and DMX proved to be a seamless duo on their collab track, "Come Back In One Piece." In one of DMX's most iconic features, he did what no other artist could do. That's everything we've got for our list of the 20 best DMX songs.

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