The Top 10 Doja Cat Lyrics of All Time, Ranked

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When talking about Doja Cat lyrics, there are are number of songs that come to mind. After all, she's got seemingly countless hits. Her discography of music has grown widely acclaimed (and notorious) for her graphic lyrics and confident delivery. In the world of hip-hop, and pop, for that matter, Doja Cat has risen through the ranks in style over the course of her storied career. Today, we rank the top ten Doja Cat lyrics of all time.

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10. "Ten page text, should’ve wrote a book, could've made a bag."

9. " It ain't about bein' good lookin' / It's your brains, how they workin'."

8. "Day to night to morning, keep with me in the moment."

7. "Call him Ed Sheeran, he in love with my body."

6. "I never been more proud. Need more light on me. Shine on me. This my final form."

5. "I don’t play with my pen. I mean what I writе."

4. "I just keep drippin’ like a fuckin’ mermaid."

3. "I read her like she fine print and beat her without violence."

2. "Didn’t even notice, no punches left to roll with."

1. "Life can take you higher, then you’re feelin’ low-low / That you gon’ go up and down kinda like a yo-yo"

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