Ranking the 16 Best Young Jeezy Hits of All Time

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There's a lot to talk about when it comes to Young Jeezy hits, so we decided it was time to rank his 16 best. The Snowman emerged onto the scene with a gritty voice and street anthems that quickly turned him into a southern rap legend. His lyrics often revolve around overcoming adversity and the hustle to succeed, all backed by catchy beats that make you want to move. His music has not only topped the charts but has left a lasting impact on the hip-hop genre. With so many hits under his belt, it's high time we dig into the crème de la crème of Young Jeezy hits. From his insightful street narratives to the club bangers, here's a ranking of the 16 best Young Jeezy hits that have made his name so renowned in hip-hop.

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17. "Trap Star"

Year Released: 2005

15. "I Luv It"

Year Released: 2006

14. "And Then What" (feat. Mannie Fresh)

Year Released: 2005

13. "R.I.P." (feat. 2 Chainz)

Year Released: 2012

12. "Who Dat" (feat. Shawty Redd)

Year Released: 2008

11. "All There" (feat. Bankroll Fresh)

Year Released: 2016

10. "Vacation"

Year Released: 2008

9. "Soul Survivor" (feat. Akon)

Year Released: 2005

8. "Way Too Gone" (feat. Future)

Year Released: 2011

7. "Go Crazy" (feat. Jay-Z)

Year Released: 2005

6. "Seen It All" (feat. Jay-Z)

Year Released: 2014

5. "Thug Motivation 101"

Year Released: 2005

4. "My Hood"

Year Released: 2005

3. "Lose My Mind" (feat. Plies)

Year Released: 2010

2. "Super Freak" (feat. 2 Chainz)

Year Released: 2011

1. "Put On" (feat. Kanye West)

Year Released: 2008

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