12 Best Ludacris Songs Ever, Ranked

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Ever stop for a moment and ask yourself, "What are the best Ludacris songs?" If so, today's the day you get your answers. Ludacris, the quintessential rapper from Atlanta, Georgia, has always been a big-name player in the world of hip-hop. With his blend of potent lyrics, slick production, and unabashed southern charm, his songs have carved a unique niche, garnering both critical acclaim and mainstream popularity. Let's dive deep into the Ludacris discography and explore the 12 best tracks from this stalwart of Southern rap.

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12. "How Low"

Album: 'Battle of the Sexes' (2010)

11. "Splash Waterfalls"

Album: 'Chicken-n-Beer' (2003)

10. "Southern Hospitality"

Album: 'Back for the First Time' (2000)

9. "Get Back"

Album: 'The Red Light District' (2004)

8. "Stand Up" (feat. Shawna)

Album: 'Chicken-n-Beer' (2003)

7. "Area Codes" (feat. Nate Dogg)

Album: 'Word of Mouf' (2001)

6. "Move B***h"

Album: 'Word of Mouf' (2001)

5. "Money Maker" (feat. Pharrell)

Album: 'Release Therapy' (2006)

4. "Rollout (My Business)"

Album: 'Word of Mouf' (2001)

3. "Act A Fool"

Album: '2 Fast 2 Furious Soundtrack' (2003)

2. "Runaway Love" (feat. Mary J. Blige)

Album: 'Release Therapy' (2006)

1. "What's Your Fantasy" (feat. Shawna)

Album: 'Back for the First Time' (2000)

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