19 Musicians with Honorary Doctorate Degrees

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A doctorate degree is often associated with years of rigorous academic pursuit. Yet, there are honorary doctorate degrees, too, which are awarded to recognize a person's significant achievements in fields beyond academia. Such fields can range from arts to humanitarian work, politics to business, and more. In the world of hip-hop, several artists have transcended the stage and the mic to make exceptional contributions to society, earning them honorary doctorates from esteemed institutions. Here's a list of ten rappers who have been honored in this way. Each person on this list has used their influence in music to effect changes in the world, challenging the stereotype of what it means to be a 'doctor.'

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19. E-40

18. Taylor Swift

17. Usher

16. Grandmaster Flash

15. Ludacris

14. Jermaine Dupri

13. Master P

12. Waka Flocka Flame

11. Missy Elliott

10. Queen Latifah

9. Pharrell Williams

8. Lionel Richie

7. Kanye West

6. Common

5. Pitbull

4. LL Cool J

3. Sean 'Diddy' Combs

2. John Legend

1. Chuck D (Public Enemy)

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