Meet Box Boys, the Two Brothers Making Live Events Fun Again

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If you consider yourself a fan of modern hip-hop, chances are you've probably heard of Box Boys one way or another. The two brothers from Los Angeles started off their storied journey by shooting music videos, and before long, they had a live event empire on their hands. Just last month, they threw their sixth show at Irving Plaza in New York City, and it is surely far from their last.

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We had a chance to sit down with Yahir and Gio Carbajal to learn about their history and their ever-exciting future ahead.

Box Boys 3
@mattccamera / ONE37pm

As it turns out, Box Boys was started by Yahir in high school, as he was passionately delving deeper into his directorial career in music. It was initially intended to be a collective with his friends, but it soon turned into a collaborative project with his brother, Gio, who was also shooting music videos at the time. This foundational chemistry is one of the many things that makes their brand so special.

While they started with a hope to throw events immediately, the pandemic struck, and they had to revisit the drawing board. Their next move was a no-brainer: they'd combine their respective directorial skills and focus on shooting music videos while the world was stuck at home on their phones. This created an initial momentum that would be the perfect launch pad for their future successes.

While shooting music videos and throwing events may seem like two totally different things on the surface, the brothers pointed out to us that they are actually pretty similar. They've become very comfortable working on their toes for videos, prepared to appropriately adjust to any situation that may arise. That same strength has translated to their event productions, and is one clear reason behind their continued success in the live show space.

Once the pandemic ended, they excitedly planned their first show; they ended up throwing it in the very same month they came up with the idea. Jasiah, an extremely talented live performer and close friend of the brothers, would prove to be the event series' first headliner ever.

It was crazy to see that our first attempt at a show was a really successful one. That just gave us more motivation to throw the next one, and the next one, and the next one.

- BoxBoy Yahir

On the heels of the first show, there was palpable exhilaration in the air and a laundry list of lessons learned. Before long, Gio and Yahir were already planning their next show, BoxFest 2, which would prove to be just the start for the duo. They continued to rack up knowledge and experience over the course of 5 shows that would prepare them for their most recent event at Irving Plaza in New York City, BoxFest 6. All the while, they began live-streaming on Twitch, which allowed community members to start seeing the phenomenal chemistry between the two brothers and the artists who perform at their ever-eventful shows. This smart play allowed them to connect with a larger global audience, opening the doors to fans who aren't necessarily able to attend a show.

Box Boys 2
Box Boys / Photo from BoxFest 6

We got advice from JASIAH around the time of BoxFest 3. He said to make our lineups like a playlist. So, whatever 7 artists are on our lineup are 7 artists that would make sense on someone’s playlist.

- BoxBoy Gio

BoxFest 6 had quite an array of impressive talent on the lineup: Summrs, FourFive, Sid Shyne, Homixide Gang, Highway, and Osamasan all made unforgettable appearances. To no surprise, the show proved to be a massive success, as you can see for yourself.

BoxFest 6 will forever go down in history… we know our fans and family got us. We managed to sell out Irving Plaza and create such an unforgettable experience for our supporters. No one will ever be able to take that away from us. This Box Boys lifestyle is forever!

- Box Boy Yahir

After this most recent success, the members of the Box Boys community are all wondering the same thing: "what's next?"

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