The 5 Justin Timberlake Albums, Ranked

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Have you ever wondered what a list of Justin Timberlake albums ranked looks like? When it comes to modern pop and R&B, Justin Timberlake is a name that resonates with millions around the world. With an arsenal of chart-toppers and iconic hits that bridge the gap between pop, R&B, and even country, Justin Timberlake’s studio albums have something for everyone. But which albums stand out as his very best? In this article, we've gone through the tough task of ranking Justin Timberlake's albums. Here are the Justin Timberlake albums ranked from good to absolutely legendary.

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5. 'Man of the Woods'

Year of Release: 2018

4. 'The 20/20 Experience - 2 of 2'

Year of Release: 2013

3. 'Justified'

Year of Release: 2002

2. 'FutureSex/LoveSounds'

Year of Release: 2006

1. 'The 20/20 Experience'

Year of Release: 2013

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