Is Sugarhill Ddot One To Watch? Drake, Meek Mill And Lil Durk Think So

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Whoever said youth is wasted on the young, never met anyone like Sugarhill Ddot. At the tender age of 15, the buzzing Harlem rapper already has a list of accomplishments rivaling that of people twice his age. The artist behind drill anthems such as “Too Tact,” "I Wanna Love You" and “Lost boy” has emerged as one of the most promising names mentioned in NYC’s Drill scene.  

He’s been putting up hella views and streams since the age of 13 with everything from Triller snippets to full songs released on Youtube and Soundcloud. By the time he was 14 he had put in enough work to land on the radars of both Drake and Lil Durk.

“I never thought I’d be here,” he admitted, as he reflected on his recent achievements. 

Sugarhill Ddot hasn’t lost sight of the things that matter to him as a result of his sudden success. “When I get big as an artist, I want to help the poor,” says the teeanger, who later adds, “Just start giving everybody hundred dollar bills and just help the community.” 

Not long after turning 15, Ddot was announced as the first official signee to the recently relaunched Priority Records. The iconic label has been home to classic albums from Jay-Z, N.W.A, EPMD, Geto Boys and others. 

On the heels of the release of his latest single, Sugarhill Ddot stopped by the ONE37pm offices where he discussed his new bop, meeting Drake, performing with Durk and continuing the legacy of Priority Records. Check out highlights from the interview below.

On Meek Mill Posting “Let Her Go” on His IG Story

Sugarhill Ddot: It was a shocking thing. I was just playing the game and then I remember my manager called me saying, ‘yo, Meek posted your song.’ I was like, what? And then I just kept looking at his story the whole night, like back to back. I was hyped. I ain’t gonna lie. It felt good.

On Creating “Let Ha Go”

SD: We was at the studio. Just chilling. And I remember my son, MCVertt came in the spot. Shout out my son, MC. He produced the record. He also produced the record with Lil Uzi Vert— “Just Wanna Rock”. Project X too. Project X did my shit too. He did the Lil Uzi Vert shit too. But I remember my son MCVertt came in. We was chopping it up and shit. Chilling. And then my son just gave me the beat. He was showing me beats and I liked that one.

On Not Being “Just A Regular Drill Artist”...

SD: I'm a drill artist, but I expanded and I started doing more shit, and I got good at doing different shit. So I'm not just a regular drill artist. When I first started rapping, it was just all about drill, drill, drill, drill, drill, drill, drill. But then my manager started teaching me new shit and shit… So all that shit my manager used to tell me, I just took it to the brain.

On Who He Listened to Growing Up…

SD: As a kid I was a Chris Brown fan. I was young too. I was listening to music because of my dad. I was a Young Thug fan. Like I said, Chris Brown. I listened to 2Pac too. I listened to some Justin Bieber. Bruno Mars. A couple good artists. Drake. Everybody basically.

On Meeting Drake…

SD: My son Drake, yeah, he hit us up. We was in Miami. We was just chilling. Like he already knew about us. Like he already got in contact with us. Like he already knew about us, but I feel like he just wanted to link. We went to Miami at the same time he was in Miami, so I guess he found out. I forgot what we was doing. We was doing some fun shit. And then I remember Drake texted one of us, or I don't know, called one of us. I don't know what happened. He told us to pop out to his little bowling alley. We went over there. We was chilling over there, was chopping it up. I remember I walked in, I saw my son. My son gave me a hug. He good vibes, bro. He's straight. He's positive energy. Feel me? It’s positive energy around the whole room. I got my little chain. You see everybody with them big chains. I'm like, nah, we here. Never thought I'd be here. I remember my son, my manager walked up to me like, we with Drake right now.

On Opening for Lil Durk…

SD: When I met Drake it was lit, but when my son Durk brought me out to the 10,000 people and it's like— not to throw dirt on nobody, but it is like you see when people bring you out. [It’s] not a lot of [camera] flashes and shit? The whole stadium was on for me when I came out. That's how I know people really from f*cked with me.

On How His Writing Process Has Changed Since He First Started...

SD: I mean, It never really changed. I always wrote in my notes. Like I always just listen to a beat and I just get on my notes and think for like a good five minutes of how I want to start the song off. Cause it's always the first line that's always so hard for me. Like the first line is always so hard, but after I get the first line, I can do the whole song and it'll be good for me. I'll just get started. It takes me a good like five minutes to process everything and then I just do it.

On Signing with the Priority Records...

SD: I was doing my research. I see Snoop Dogg and all the other artists that was like mad old. To me they was just mad old. Like I never listened to like none of them, but I know them because I grew up around it. But like, yeah. I'm glad to be a part of Priority Records and to be the new artist that takes this shit to the top again.

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