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In 2021, three passionate music enthusiasts started something that would change the landscape of LA's music scene for our generation: Sunday Sounds.

Sunday Sounds is the fastest growing underground music festival in the Los Angeles area, and for good reason. The festival is run by Green Tea Studios, an LA recording studio founded by Barry Rosenblum and Joni Myllari, along with That Good Sh*t, a music curation company founded by Annabelle Kline. Together, they bring together masterfully curated lineups of budding talent from all over to perform in their intimate concert space.

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The festival started in 2021 when Annabelle and Barry connected over social media and started a radio show on Instagram live called ‘Green Tea Radio’ where they would review music submitted to them by emerging artists.

Shortly after starting the radio show, Annabelle hosted a live show called ‘Ascension’. Barry attended the show to see what it was about - and after seeing what Annabelle could bring to the table, Barry and Annabelle started to brainstorm a collaborative show between That Good Sh*t and Green Tea Studios.

From there, Sunday Sounds was born.

2 years and 10 lineups later, Sunday Sounds has had performances from emerging legends like Tommy Richman, Trevor Spitta, Amaria, Johnny Yukon, and many more.

With an incredible growing community of artists, creatives, small businesses, and amazing people, connecting is a major aspect of the day (at Sunday Sounds).

- Barry Rosenblum

From the pre-show jitters to the mospits, the best part of Sunday Sounds by far is the people that make up the audience. The community that comes together to enjoy the live performances of the festival range in age and are some of the most creative people on the West Coast! 

You can find all sorts of talent at Sunday Sounds: videographers, photographers, A&Rs, entrepreneurs, stylists, even other emerging artists come out to show love to the performers on stage.

The team just celebrated the 10th Sunday Sounds on July 9th with some amazing up and coming talent including Akinyemi, Tia Tutt, Padron, and more. With each lineup getting better and better, it’s no surprise that the 10th Sunday Sounds completely sold out. The event takes place once every month and a half, so if you find yourself in LA anytime soon, be sure to stop by Sunday Sounds before it's a household name.

Shout out to ONE37pm's own Courtney Knecht for putting this all together!

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