The 30 Best Grammy Performances of All Time

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The 66th annual Grammy Awards are this Sunday, February 4 at the Arena in Los Angeles, and there's already some history being made as U2 is set to become the first artists to perform a broadcasted performance from the Sphere in Las Vegas. Additional performers include: Billy Joel, Billie Eilish, Travis Scott, Dua Lipa, Olivia Rodrigo and more. Since we're on the topic of performances, we decided to take a look at what we feel are the best Grammy performances of all-time. Now keep in mind the very first Grammy Awards ceremony was all the way back in 1959, so we’re talking over 60 years of performances here folks.

Obviously, it would be hard to include 60 years worth of Grammys performances in one article, but we can narrow it down to a handful that have widely agreed upon to be the best. These performances weren’t just memorable, but they left a lasting impact in the sense that they have been remembered in the years and decades since they've happened. Depending upon which artist you're talking about, these performances may have even played a part in taking the artist’s career to the next level, along with being a significant part of a defining era for them. So let’s take a trip down memory lane and revisit these classic gems.

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30. Alicia Keys

2005 Grammys

29. Pink

2010 Grammys

28. The Carpenters

1971 Grammys

27. Destiny's Child

2001 Grammys

26. Whitney Houston, Brandy, Aretha Franklin, and Co.

1997 Grammys

25. Foo Fighters

2008 Grammys

24. Outkast

2004 Grammys

23. Gladys Knight & The Pips

1974 Grammys

22. Run D.M.C., Queen Latifah, L.L. Cool J, Missy Elliot, and Co.

2023 Grammys

21. Christina Aguilera

2007 Grammys

20. Madonna

2006 Grammys

19. TLC

1996 Grammys

18. Metallica

1989 Grammys

17. Prince

1985 Grammys

16. Herbie Hancock

1984 Grammys

15. Aretha Franklin

1998 Grammys

14. Mariah Carey

2006 Grammys

13. Whitney Houston

1989 Grammys

12. Kanye West and Jamie Foxx

2006 Grammys

11. Kendrick Lamar

2016 Grammys

10. Prince and Beyoncé

2004 Grammys

9. Eric Clapton

1993 Grammys

8. Adele

2012 Grammys

7. Amy Winehouse

2008 Grammys

6. Tina Turner and Beyoncé

2008 Grammys

5 James Brown and Usher

2005 Grammys

4. Beyoncé

2010 Grammys

3. Whitney Houston

1994 Grammys

2. Janet Jackson

1987 Grammys

1. Michael Jackson

1988 Grammys

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