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DDG is no stranger to the ONE37pm pages. Today, he's made another return on the heels of our interview last week. There was plenty to talk about, too. Here's a rundown of everything we discussed.

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For context, you should know it's no easy journey for content creators who are artists; they've got more to prove than most. That's part of what makes DDG's journey so special. He's braved test after test, and has only continued to prove his value and genuine passion for making music. In the most organic way possible, he's become a top contender in rap. That feat alone is challenging enough, but with the added obstacle of becoming more than just a content creator, DDG's arduous come-up is all the more impressive.

In our interview, DDG explained a lot about himself and his atypical rap career. He spoke on what the balance is like of being both a content creator and rapper, managing expectations from different fans, and much more. We learned a lot about DDG, including his boxing prowess, and the fact he doesn't fear a single rapper out there. When asked about 5 rappers he wouldn't want to box, this is what the rapper had to say:

I'll box anybody.


On the same day that Gary Vee advised him to focus heavily on TikTok, DDG had a video go viral on the platform. Once again, his charming nephew made it impossible to overlook another one of his features on DDG's page. "I wanna kiiiill my dad, he make me go to sleep and nooow I'm mad" has been stuck in our heads for the past week, and we're not alone. The video has over 2 million likes and 15 million views in a mere 6 days on TikTok.

We were lucky enough to be featured in one of DDG's renowned vlogs on his YouTube, take a look:

If this is your first exposure to the details behind this star's career, then you're in luck; there's an abundance of content to check out on his pages, and some top-tier music to listen to on his DSPs. As he nears 6 million monthly listeners on Spotify alone, it's become pretty clear DDG isn't going anywhere.

DDG's October 2022 album, It's Not Me It's You features the likes of Offset, Lakeyah, Coi Leray, Polo G, NLE Choppa, Gunna, Kevin Gates, and BabyFace Ray. You've gotta hear it for yourself to understand exactly where DDG is at in his recording career. By the way -- DDG says the song with Kevin Gates just might be his favorite. Find your own favorite in the featured link below.

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