The 14 Best Future Lyrics Ever, Ranked

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As you know, Future is one of the most entertaining rappers when it comes to lyrical content. We decided to pick out the best Future lyrics ever. When it comes to iconic hip-hop, Future has secured his place among the greats with a combination of emotional vulnerability, braggadocio, and hard-hitting beats. His lyrics aren't just lines in a song; they've become cultural quotes and mantras for a generation. Let's dive into the best Future lyrics ever, and explore the magic behind each one.

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14. "Wake up, take a sip of Ace of Spade like it's water"

Album: Evol (2016) ("Low Life" feat. The Weeknd)

13. "I'm an addict and I can't even hide it"

Album: Monster (2014) ("Codeine Crazy")

12. "You do what you want when you poppin', you do what you want when you got it"

Album: What A Time to Be Alive (2015) ("Jersey")

11. ""I'm superior, I'm imperial, I ain't feelin' you"

Album: SUPER SLIMEY (2017) ("All Da Smoke")

10. "I been flexin’ all my life, you can’t finesse me"

Album: High Off Life (2020) ("Touch the Sky")

9. "It can get scary when you legendary"

Album: Hndrxx (2017) ("Sorry")

8. "I done got rich and it cursed me"

Album: The Wizrd (2019) ("Never Stop")

7. "Tryna make a pop star and they turned me to a monster"

Album: DS2 (2015) ("I Serve the Base")

6. "Mask on, f*ck it, mask off"

Album: FUTURE (2017) ("Mask Off")

5. "I'm on that good kush and alcohol"

Album: I Am Not a Human Being II by Lil Wayne (2013) ("Love Me")

4. "Ain’t really mean to hurt you, sorry it’s gotta be this way"

Album: Hndrxx (2017) ("Sorry")

3. "So many ups and downs and turns, homies droppin’ like flies"

Album: Pluto (2012) ("Permanent Scar")

2. "Reporting live from the f*cking gutter, b*tch"

Album: What A Time to Be Alive (2015) ("Live From the Gutter")

1. "My hard work finally catching up with perfect timing"

Album: DS2 (2015) ("Kno the Meaning")

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