Rob Gronkowski Calls Tom Brady 'Trash' in Pickleball: Challenges Him

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Jason Koeppel // ONE37pm

Rob Gronkowski calls Tom Brady 'Trash' in pickleball... Once brothers, now enemies?

For over a decade Gronk and Brady tortured opposing defenses in the NFL, scoring countless touchdowns and winning four Super Bowls. Now as Gronk enjoys his days of retirement and Brady tries to extend his legacy in the NFL, the sprout of a beef between the two longtime friends is beginning to bloom. Gronk has called out Brady in the most unlikely of domains: The pickleball court!

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That's right, one of the greatest tight ends in NFL history has issued a challenge to his former quarterback:

Bros vs. Pros

On December 3rd, the Gronkowski brothers got together to put on their Bros vs. Pros pickleball fundraiser event. The event was to help raise money for the Boys and Girls Club of America. Throughout the event we saw a number of memorable matchups, but it was what Rob Gronkowski said in an exclusive interview with ONE37pm's Tara Bernstein after the game that caught our attention. 

Tara: “I know Tom Brady is also into the pickleball game and he’s your guy, one on one who’s winning?

Gronk: “He’s trash too, those quarterbacks have no skill other than throwing the ball. Let’s call him right now, let’s play.” 

Gronk vs. Brady

Pretty bold words about the guy who throws you all your touchdown passes. Is Gronk biting off a little more than he can chew? We know Tom Brady is heavily involved in pickleball, as he's an owner of a Major League Pickleball team.

I think a key question here is would the footwork of a tight end or a quarterback be suited better for the pickleball court? We know Gronk would be smashing dinks, but Brady has incredible footwork and control as a quarterback. I guess we'll have to hope these two take it to the court one day to find out!

So even though Rob Gronkowski calls Tom Brady 'Trash' in pickleball, who would win that match? Gronk or the GOAT?!

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