The Best Advent Calendars For Men

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One of the best parts about the holidays everywhere is having an advent calendar to look forward to opening daily. It makes the mornings that little bit more special and can lift the Christmas spirit in just about anyone. Of course, advent calendars don’t have to just be filled with cheap chocolate. There are a tonne of different types of advent calendars that can be filled with great things like drinks, games and other food. Below, we’ve compiled a list of the 15 best advent calendars for men this festive season to get ready for 2023. Give it a look!

1. Give Me The Beer’s Beer Advent Calendar

Give Me The Beer

A new way to experience beer is a welcome gift for most men so perhaps this beer advent calendar from Give Me The Beer is the right advent calendar this year. It features 12 of the highest rated brews of the year from breweries in the U.S., which makes it a great way to try some new beer. If you love beer enough, check out our list of the twelve best beer subscription services here.

Buy now, $79

2. Funko Pop! Marvel Advent Calendar


Behind the small doors on this advent calendar are two dozen Funko Pocket Pops of your favourite Marvel characters all in festive gear, whether that means an ugly jumper on Thanos or a Santa hat on Spider-Man. If you’re as deep into the MCU as we are, let us know what you think about our list of the best fight scenes in the MCU here.

Buy now, $36.49

3. LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendar


If LEGO and Star Wars are your thing and you want to get into the Christmas spirit, there’s really no better gift than this LEGO Star Wars advent calendar. In its 24 doors, it contains 16 mini builds and 8 characters, totalling over 300 individual LEGO pieces for you to look forward to assembling this month.

Buy now, $36

4. Scratch Off Advent Calendar Playlist

Uncommon Goods

This is one of the more unique advent calendars on this list. Every day, you scratch off a number which will reveal a QR code. Once you scan it, it will take you to a Christmas song by a relatively unknown artist for you to appreciate. It’s a great way to be put on to some great artists in a festive way and is perfect for music lovers. Also for music lovers, check out our list of the 35 best music docs out there here.

Buy now, $9.99

5. Woodford Reserve 8 Day Cocktail Advent Calendar

Williams Sonoma

Bring the Christmas season in with a toast with this cocktail advent calendar. Behind the doors here are small portions of mixers and bitters from Woodford Reserve, a distiller founded in the early 19th century. It’s a great choice for those that want to try some new booze in a unique way.

Buy now, $145.95

6. Barber Pro Advent Calendar

AKAR Design

Even though the packaging of this advent calendar features a man with a luscious moustache, this 12 Days Of Grooming set features far more than products for your beard, because men can have great skin too. Face putty, an under eye mask and more come packed here which will have you feeling fresher than ever by Christmas day.

Buy now, $40

7. Harry Potter Socks Advent Calendar


Socks and Christmas go together better than most men would like, but this advent calendar for Harry Potter socks is perfect. There are a bunch of great designs here, including socks from each of the four Hogwarts houses. Although there’s some debate, we maintain that at least the first Harry Potter movie is a Christmas movie, so pair some socks with that and enjoy.

Buy now, $20.99

8. Nespresso Vertuo Advent Calendar


For those that feel like their day can’t get started without a cup of coffee, the Nespresso Vertuo advent calendar is a great gift. It contains 19 capsules of roast and ground coffee, 1 capsule of decaffeinated roast and ground coffee, 4 capsules of flavoured roast and ground coffee and a surprise gift. For the biggest of coffee lovers, check out our interview with Noah Jashinski, general manager of Joe’s Coffee Pro Shop in NY, here.

Buy now, $60

9. Indigo Vegan Craft Chocolate Advent Calendar


A unique twist on the usual chocolate advent calendars, these are essentially two bars of chocolate that are to be broken in pieces daily and are vegan. One is sweet orange white chocolate vanilla swirl on dark chocolate and the other is milk chocolate maple crunch swirl on dark chocolate.

Buy now, $12

10. 24 Days Of Tea Advent Calendar


With the coffee lovers sorted earlier, it’s time for the tea drinkers. Even the most adventurous of those that enjoy tea might not have tried some of the two dozen flavours that appear as part of this advent calendar. Cranberry ginger ale, orange spice, peanut butter brownie and more are just some of the flavours you can look forward to enjoying.

Buy now, $39

11. 12 Days Of Brain Teasers Countdown Advent Calendar

Uncommon Goods

This is another advent calendar with a twist. Instead of chocolate, drinks or socks, this advent calendar contains some cool puzzles that you can try to crack the code to with the whole family. There are a dozen rebus puzzles and a dozen trivia questions that might just cause some fun debates around the Christmas tree. There are also iron-plated copper entanglements that are tough to solve behind each door.

Buy now, $12.99

12. Super Mario Advent Calendar


As fans of Super Mario cautiously await the movie that’s set to hit theatres in April of next year, you can make that wait a little bit easier with this Super Mario advent calendar. It consists of 24 popular characters and accessories based around the franchise, including but not limited to special new Santa Mario, Snowman Mario and Snowman Luigi characters. While you’re at it, here’s our list of the 20 best Mario games on Switch.

Buy now, $27.99

13. 12 Days Of Hot Sauce Advent Calendar

World Market

For those that like a little bit of a kick with every meal, what better time than Christmas to keep things heated up? This 12 Days Of Hot Sauce advent calendar contains a bunch of fiery sauces in 2oz bottles, including infamous flavors like Carolina reaper and classic ones like garlic or cajun. The surprise of not knowing what sauce you’re going to pair with your favorite food that evening until you open a door is sure to spice up the festive season.

Buy now, $19.99

14. Advent(ure) Calendar

14 1
The Adventure Challenge

For couples or families that are looking to make some memories this Christmas season, try out this adventure calendar. It contains 12 holiday-themed adventures and/or challenges that you can do as a group. There are hints so that you’ll know how much each challenge costs or how much time it will require. When you’re done, you can place a photo in the advent calendar and write about your experience so that you have the memory to look back on forever. It’s the gift that keeps on giving.

Buy now, $19.99

15. Electronic Games Advent Calendar

15 1

Last but not least is this advent calendar of electronic games by Eight Innovation. Behind each window is a component which will allow you to build an electronic game. They’re fairly easy to assemble and come with an instruction manual anyway.

Buy now, $69.99

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