Redrafting The Top Five Picks In The 1984 NBA Draft

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Have you heard about the legendary 1984 NBA Draft, which is quite possibly the greatest draft class of all-time? Let's get in to it!

At the end of every season in American sports, a champion is crowned. After months and months of grueling athletic competitions, someone leaves the victor. For the rest of the teams, they are left to look towards next season. For many of those teams that didn't win, the next big moment for their franchise is the draft.

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There is draft that is as sought after and hyped up as the NBA's annual event. In basketball specifically, an individual player can make an impact on the game that genuinely sways the direction of a franchise. Because of this, general managers and owners look towards the draft as a way spark a rebuild.

No draft in NBA history is as stacked as the legendary 1984 class. A slew of hall of famers, all-stars, and champions made up this incredible night. With the hindsight of knowing how the entirety of these players careers went, we are taking a look back and redrafting the top five selections. Here's our attempt at re-writing history.

1. Houston Rockets: Michael Jordan

2. Hakeem Olajuwon: Portland Trailblazers

3. Charles Barkley: Chicago Bulls

4. John Stockton: Dallas Mavericks

5. Kevin Willis: Philadelphia 76ers

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