The 30 Best Men's Belts of 2024: An Option for Every Occasion

These belts will hold your pants up nicely

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Can we be honest for a second? The saggy pants/jeans look is cool on some occasions (when you're rocking baggy jeans for example) but for others, it's kind of not so cool to be constantly pulling up your chinos every few seconds. And if you've ever been in that situation, then you also know that having to frequently pull/adjust those skinny jeans that was supposed to be a slim-fit is a task that gets annoying fast. In addition to keeping your pants secure, belts are also a subtle accessory that really helps to give your outfit an extra oomph. A nice sleek belt can even be the difference maker between your outfit being a "Wow!' or "just okay." Don't believe us? Give it a try. There's tons of different belts out there to best suit the many variety of outfits in your capsule wardrobe from standard black/brown leather belts to suede, buckled, and even webbed, and we've put together a guide on the best men's belts that you can add to your closets right now.

From timeless options like L.L. Bean Men's 1912 Jean Belt ($44.95) to Valentino's Tonal V Logo Leather Belt ($359, $149.99), we've researched and taken a look at the best men's belts on the market so that you don't get caught slippin' (literally). Don't say we didn't ever try to do anything nice for you!

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The Best Men's Belts, at a Glance:

1. L.L. Bean Men's 1912 Jean Belt

L.L. Bean

Best Men's Belt, Overall

  • A Promising Review: "Very comfortable and well made. Priced very reasonable" - Adam, L.L. Bean Reviewer
  • Material(s): Full-grain leather
  • Size(s): 30 - 46
  • Color(s): Black, Brown

L.L. Bean has their reasonably priced 1912 leather belt in either black or brown (your choice) that can be worn just about anywhere and for just about anything be it jeans or dress pants. Made with full-grain leather, reviewers say that this belt is one that fit's most pants nicely along with the comfort being supreme. Priced at $44.95, L.L. Bean gives you a sizing range between 30 - 46, and there's two different neutral colors (black and brown) to choose from.

What to pair it with: Neutral colors like black and brown tend to work well with just about anything in your closet. However, L.L. Bean recommends pairing the 1912 belt with their Wrinkle-Free Double L Chinos ($54.95), their Vintage 1912 Jeans ($89), or a range of other casual pants.


2. Banana Republic Leather Casual Belt

belt copy
Banana Republic Factory

Best Belt for Affordability

  • A Promising Review: "We found the Banana Republic leather belt very durable with a nice look." - Jael Rucker ONE37pm Staff
  • Material(s): Leather
  • Size(s): 30 - 40
  • Color(s): Black, Dark Brown, Cognac

If specifically looking for casual, Banana Republic is a good place to go for your belt needs as they have their standard leather belt that is very affordable. Priced at just $40, the belt comes in three different colorways, and a size range of 30 - 40. The leather smells amazing too but that's besides the point. Banana Republic recommends ordering a size up, so that's something to keep in mind if in fact you do decide to purchase.

What to pair it with: Whatever color you work to decide to purchase will pair nicely with a range of options, but to really give this belt an extra pop we recommend a pair of tan or dark brown chinos to provide a unique contrast.


3. Valentino Tonal V Logo Leather Belt

Screen Shot 2023 12 23 at 10.04.28 AM
Saks Fifth Avenue OFF

Best Designer Belt

  • A Promising Review: "Love this belt! Love the tone on tone black. Understated impact. Perfect width to fit in jean belt loops and to switch. " - Saks Fifth Avenue Reviewer
  • Material(s): Leather
  • Size(s): 36 - 44
  • Color(s): Cinnamon, Ink Blue

Valentino, Valentino, Valentino—it's all about Valentino. Anything luxury requires an investment, but not is the Tonal V currently on sale as of this writing, it's original asking price is one worth the cash in our opinion. The Tonal V features an all-leather build that was specifically made in Italy (gotta love Italian leather), has an embossed buckle that matches the color of the belt (there's two different ones to choose from), and a size range of 36 - 44. A stunner for sure.

What to pair it with: These are pretty bold colors compared to the standard black and brown, so you'll have to play around a bit. We recommend a light tan pair of chinos/khakis as that will provide the perfect contrast. You can also rock this belt with a light blue pair of jeans (which too will provide a contrast). Darker colors might color clash, so we recommend pairing with bottoms that are lighter in color.

SHOP NOW AT SAKS FIFTH AVENUE, (Was $359, Now $149.99)

4. Made In Italy Solid Leather Belt

Screen Shot 2023 12 23 at 10.18.46 AM
Nordstrom Rack

Best Quality Leather Belt

  • A Promising Review: "This belt is of very good quality, attractive, and is as described. My husband is very pleased with it." - Nordstrom Rack Reviewer
  • Material(s): Metal/leather
  • Size(s): 32 - 44
  • Color(s): Black, Brown, Cognac, Navy

Cut with a metal and Italian leather mixture, Made in Italy's Solid Leather Belt is sturdy, durable, and well-crafted as reviewers have reported the belt lasting as long for a couple of years before showing any signs of wear and tear. The belt also fits true to your pants size, features a silver square prong buckle, comes in a size range of 32 - 44, and has adjustable sizing to go along with it. All this for under $30 is not a bad buy at all.

What to pair it with: This belt is guaranteed to look great with a semi-casual pair of trousers/dress pants, and a nice polo or dress shirt that you can wear tucked or untucked.

SHOP NOW AT NORDSTROM RACK (Was $69.50, Now $29.97)

5. Patagonia Tech Web Belt

belt copy 4

Best Casual Belt

  • A Promising Review: "I bought my first tech web belt back in 2008 and it still going strong. I have added to the collection in different colors over the years, and I am now up to 6 iirc? Great belt, doesn't sag from weight (Leatherman Wave for example), not terribly intrusive (wear one MTB trails, DJ, and BMX depending on shorts), looks good enough for work (business casual), and even spots a built-in bottle opener. Absolute no-brainer of a purchase. Just wish they would release some less muted colors." - Backcountry Reviewer
  • Material(s): Nylon Webbing
  • Size(s): 32 - 60
  • Color(s): Forge Grey, Black, Wyoming Green

Perhaps you are searching for something other than the traditional neutral leather belt. If that's the case, give this nylon-made Tech Web Belt from Patagonia a try as it is a popular choice amongst the brand's lovers, and has cool colors such as Wyoming Green and Forge Grey to jazz it up a bit. Priced at $35 you aren't doing too much damage to the bank account, and Patagonia gives you an extensive size range of 32 - 60.

What to pair it with: We would keep this simple as well. We recommend pairing the Tech Web Belt with a tailored pair of chinos/khaki pants or short. You can rock with a tucked in polo, throw a blazer over it, and you've got a nice office look that transitions well for a day at the golf course or a date night.


6. Tommy Bahama Big & Tall Fishtail Braid Belt

Screen Shot 2023 12 23 at 10.40.07 AM
Tommy Bahama
  • A Promising Review: "Quality leather, well constructed and the colour is amazing." - Tommy Bahama Reviewer
  • Material(s): 100% Cowhide leather
  • Size(s): 2XL -4XL
  • Color(s): Tan, Black

Braided belts tend to get overlooked in the world of men's fashion, and we're calling for an end to that. Here we have this sick and twisted Big & Tall Fishtail Braid Belt from Tommy Bahama that is specifically meant for guys that are on the bigger and taller side (looking at you 6"5 athletes). Constructed with 100% cowhide leather, the buffed appearance is what really makes this belt pop, and dare we say—there's an element of this belt that's slightly risque, but not to the point where it would be inappropriate to wear in certain settings. An under $50 steal!

What to pair it with: Anything casual or semi-casual should work with this belt. However, we think a pair of white shorts would really help to elevate the belt's braided appearance. Light wash blue denim jeans will work in this regard as well.

SHOP NOW AT TOMMY BAHAMA (Was $74.50, Now $44.99)

7. Bottega Veneta Intrecciato Belt

Screen Shot 2023 12 23 at 10.53.30 AM
Bottega Veneta
  • A Promising Review: "The quality is great and so is the design of the belt." - Bottega Veneta Reviewer
  • Material(s):  100% Calfskin leather
  • Size(s): 75 - 115
  • Color(s): Cruise, Barolo, Black, Inwell, Mud, and 8 others

Why it's Bottega Veneta—home to some of the finest luxury in the world. This includes their elegant and elaborate Intrecciato Belt which is brilliantly crafted with 100% calfskin leather. Designed with a pronounced blown-up intreccio weave, the leather is precise and smooth to the touch (it feels amazing), and the solid colors are contrasted with a metal pin buckle and a silver finish. Minimalistic, but sometimes minimalism is all that's needed to make an outfit work.

What to pair it with: We're definitely getting dark jeans and turtleneck vibes with this belt. Pair it with a blazer or an overcoat, and you'll shut down whatever building you walk into.


8. Paul Smith Men's Black Leather Belt

belt copy 7
Paul Smith
  • A Promising Review: "Very satisfied with my purchase." - Paul Smith Reviewer
  • Material(s): Leather
  • Size(s): 28 - 40
  • Color(s): Black, Navy, Dark Brown

It's just not a Paul Smith belt. It's thee Paul Smith belt, which comes with three different color choices and the instantly recognizable colorful/slightly rainbow loop that has become somewhat of a signature. Made with an eye-popping leather, this is a beautiful belt that would make any outfit pop, but that's shouldn't come as a surprise because it is Paul Smith.

What to pair it with: Thanks to the rainbow loop, these work incredibly well with some baggy/hipster jeans for an old school 1970s look. Certain elements of 70s fashion is coming back in style so a belt like this one is right on time.


9. Ferragamo Gancini Leather Belt

Screen Shot 2023 12 23 at 11.10.01 AM
  • A Promising Review: "Well made. Beautiful belt." - Neiman Marcus Reviewer
  • Material(s): Leather
  • Size(s): 85cm - 115cm
  • Color(s): Neroy Hickory

The fashion house of Ferragamo is always a good place to turn to for belts that tow the line between casual and a couture piece that you can rock on the runway. The polished Gancini Leather Belt offers both with Ferragamo's signature detailing and neutral styling. The gold belt buckle adds a little bit of shine (but not to the point of overdoing it), and there's lots of versatile pairings you can experiment with. The size range of 85cm - 115cm means that you should be able to find a comfortable size that cinches the waist without squeezing.

What to pair it with: Should you want to get a little bold with it, you could try a corset. If you want to keep it casual, any pair of casual pants/chinos/jeans will work in our opinion. Nordstrom recommends pairing this belt with Theory's Ryder Jersey T-Shirt ($115 - $125), 7 for All Mankind's Slimmy EarthKind StretchTek Ripped Tapered Slim Fit Jeans ($228), the Madrigal Chronograph Bracelet Watch from Balmain, and Johnston & Murphy's Water Resistant Lace-Up Sneaker ($285).


10. Our Legacy Corset Braided Leather Belt

Screen Shot 2023 12 23 at 11.26.50 AM
  • A Promising Review: "Great belt that I've had the pleasure of trying myself in the women's end. This belt holds up pants nicely and is super comfortable" - Jael Rucker, ONE37pm Junior Style Editor
  • Material(s): Leather
  • Size(s): 32/34 - 44
  • Color(s): Black

If you look through your closet, chances are you'll find something that's classified as being a corset, but is it a belt? Probably not. If you want a belt that's going to bend the rules right to the point of snapping (but not breaking), this Black Corset Braided Leather Belt from Our Legacy is your guy. You may not be able to get away with wearing it at that very important Monday morning business meeting you've got (or maybe you can if you some finely tailored pants with a sharp blazer), but you can definitely rock it on night out on the town, and that our friends is where the Braided Leather Belt shines its brightest.

What to pair it with: If you're bold enough to try it for the office, then go with that sharp blazer and tailored pants we just mentioned. If for a night out on the town—go all out! Skinny jeans, ripped jeans, a sheer top—make it count!


11. Brooks Brothers Cordovan Leather Belt

Screen Shot 2023 12 23 at 4.08.31 PM
Brooks Brothers
  • A Promising Review: "Beautiful quality shell cordovan in that classic cordovan color. The smell is unbelievably amazing!!" - Brooks Brothers Reviewer
  • Material(s): Leather
  • Size(s): 30 - 44
  • Color(s): Black, Burgundy

It's always nice to have clothing pieces that can serve more than one purpose, which is the case with Brooks Brothers' Cordovan Leather Belt. You can choose to wear this belt in a more upscale setting, or dress down with your jeans and casual pants. Options people. You have options. The brass buckle is a standout, and the overall width clocks in at 1 ¼".

What to pair it with: Like we just said, the neutral color of this belt gives you a lot of versatility. You can dress the belt down with a pair of jeans/casual slacks, or if you want to up the ante and wear it with something formal, you can easily do that as well.


12. Perry Ellis Amigo Reversible Belt

belt copy 11
Perry Ellis
  • A Promising Review: "Good quality belt. Nice look!  Would recommend for any occasion!" - Perry Ellis Reviewer
  • Material(s): Leather
  • Size(s): 32 - 42
  • Color(s): Lugg3

Perry Ellis gives you a little bit of a magic trick with their Amigo Reversible Belt. You flip one side and it's a tan/cognac color, then you flip it to the other side and it's a pure black. See? Magic. The leather looks and feels amazing, and while we do love ourselves a thicker belt, the Amigo Reversible does a great job at representing for the slim belts. Priced at $25, you'll be snagging a high quality belt for under $30. Not going wrong there!

What to pair it with: Perry Ellis recommends pairing the Amigo Reversible Belt with their Slim Fit Tech Portfolio Dress Pants ($85, $70), Slim Fit Non-Iron Tech Dress Shirt ($89.50, $40), Sateen Slim Tie ($45, $18), and their Randall Dress Shoe ($115, $50)


13. Luca Faloni Dark Brown Calf Leather Belt

belt copy 12
Luca Faloni
  • A Promising Review: "My experience with Luca Faloni has been nothing but excellent. You can't top the quality and versatility! " - Jael Rucker, ONE37pm Staff
  • Material(s): Calf Leather
  • Size(s): 30 - 40
  • Color(s): Dark Brown, Black, Reversible Black/Brown

As we stated in our review, Luca Faloni's products are bar none when it comes to investment closet staples that are easy to style, and their Calf Brown Leather Belt is one of the many examples of the attentiveness the brand gives to their products. Handmade in Bergamo with calf leather, the belt is also hand stitched to give it a heavy duty feel and appearance. Best of all, the metal is crafted in a way that doesn't make the metal detector go off at the airport. Winner!

What to pair it with: The natural dark brown/back colors the belt comes in makes it easy to pair with a number of dress shoes. Whether it's an oxford, loafer, or derby, the Calf Leather Belt is pretty much guaranteed to work.


14. ZEGNA Black and Dark Brown Reversible Leather Belt

Screen Shot 2023 12 23 at 4.39.14 PM
  • A Promising Review: "Stylish and functional - great quality." - Zegna Reviewer
  • Material(s): Bovine leather
  • Size(s): One size fits all
  • Color(s): Black/Dark Brown

ZEGNA's Black and Dark Brown Reversible Leather Belt is a versatile staple that will spruce up any wardrobe due to its reversible nature. Depending on the day (and what you're wearing), you can either rock the all-black side or the all-brown side, which means you practically get two belts in one. The rich leather adds just the right amount of texture without appearing too extra, and the palladium finish adds that fine layer of sophistication and fine detail.

What to pair it with: ZEGNA recommends rocking the Black and Dark Brown Reversible Belt with their White Oasi Cashmere Crewneck ($1,290), and their Black Hand-Buffed Leather Cortina Chelsea Boots ($1,100).


15. Versace La Medusa Leather Belt

belt copy 14
  • A Promising Review: "I bought the teal / yellow-orange version of this belt. Which sounds like it would be limiting to wear, but so far I have found it to be well made and versatile. Pricey but it is a designer and I'll have it for many years." - Nordstrom Reviewer
  • Material(s): 100% Glyceryl behenate
  • Size(s): 30 - 46
  • Color(s): Black Versace Gold, Red Gold, White Gold, Blue Teal Navy, Black Gold

If it looks fancy, it's because it is fancy. This is the House of Versace, meaning every piece will have you looking and feeling like a million bucks. That includes their all-leather fine and extravagant La Medusa Leather Belt, which is made with 100% glyceryl behenate, and instantly captures attention with the brand's La Greca print and Medusa head buckle. With an asking price of $495, Versace gives you five different colors along with a size range of 30 - 46. You'll instantly make a fashion statement with this one.

What to pair it with: You can pair with your finest pair of dark jeans and dressy chinos to really make the belt pop. Since the design is such a bold one, a simple and neutral pants look is required to not take away from the belt.


16. Ghost Golf Patrick Belt

Screen Shot 2023 12 23 at 4.56.53 PM
Ghost Golf
  • A Promising Review: "Very happy with this belt! Webbing is high-quality and just the right balance of stretch and strength. Styles are unique color combinations and not seen elsewhere. They really accent your wardrobe and look great. Most innovative feature is their sizing guidance, tying belt length to pants size rather than asking you to guess the correlation of actual belt length to your personal taste (for fit) and requirements.  - Ghost Golf Reviewer
  • Material(s): 84% Polyester, 16% elastane
  • Size(s): 30 - 46
  • Color(s): Patrick Multicolor

Nothing screams retro like a multicolor woven belt, and Ghost Golf gives you their take on the 1970s with the Patrick Belt—a colorful piece that makes for complimentary accessory to any pair of pants. A belt that can be worn whether or not you're actually a golfer (who says you have to golf to wear a golf belt), plenty of stretch and flexibility is presented as the belt is constructed with polyester and elastane. Very comfortable, and super affordable with its under $50 price tag.

What to pair it with: While definitely a colorful belt, the color mix still makes it neutral. We recommend pairing mixing and matching with cargo pants, linen shirts, and polos. You can get even get crafty with it and wear a blazer/sweater. You're call here.

SHOP NOW AT GHOST GOLF (Was $60, Now $42)

17. To Boot New York Taupe Suede Belt

belt copy 16
To Boot New York
  • A Promising Review: "Upon purchasing the belt as a gift, the boyfriend wasn't sure if he would like it. When i brought it to him and he tried it on, he fell in love." - To Boot New York Reviewer
  • Material(s): Suede
  • Size(s): 30 - 42
  • Color(s): Taupe

The Taupe Suede Belt from Too Boot New York is full of simplicity and minimalism, while still being functionally and softly made with some of the smoothest suede you'll ever lay hands on (we're not kidding). Italian-made, a beaming polished silver buckle completes the look, giving the belt a slightly western feel when contrasted against the taupe color. Priced at $125 with a range of sizes, this belt is definitely a great addition to the closet.

What to pair it with: Simple works best here. Since the belt is a taupe color, tan and khaki chinos my cause the colors to clash. Light blue jeans/slacks would provide a good contrast. So would a dark blue or black bottom. A button-up shirt would work nicely with this belt as well.


18. Drake's Black Fully Lined Bridle Leather Belt

Screen Shot 2023 12 23 at 5.13.57 PM
  • A Promising Review: "I love the belt. The order process was super easy." - Drake's Reviewer
  • Material(s): 100% Bridle leather
  • Size(s): 28 - 40
  • Color(s): Black

You've heard of belts being made with leather, but have you heard of one that's made with birdle leather? If you haven't, we present Drake's Black Fully Lined Bridle Leather Belt, an England-made classic accessory that will instantly improve any outfit you're wearing. Boosting a solid brass hardware buckle to complete the look, your pants will stay up all day long and you'll look incredible. The Bridle Leather Belt is a simple one, but efficient, and that's the most important factor. Of note: Drake's recommends sizing up for the best fit.

What to pair it with: Drake's suggests pairing the Bridle Leather Belt with their White Cotton Oxford Cloth Long Point Collar Shirt ($295), Olive Textured Cotton Flat Front Chino ($425), and their Ivory and Blue Shoestring Border Silk Pocket Square ($115)


19. Burberry Reversible Check Belt

belt copy 18
  • A Promising Review: "Belt is very well made and looks very nice. I love it." - Burberry Reviewer
  • Material(s): Leather
  • Size(s): 30 - 48
  • Color(s): Charcoal/Graphite

The Burberry Check and Leather Reversible belt is a smooth look that encompasses both the modern and classic elements of the brand, and is capped off with a logo-engraved buckle for the finish that nicely accompanies the regal hand-painted edges. You get the best of both worlds with the Reversible Check Belt—a minimalist option that doesn't look like your showing off per se, but still gives you bragging rights thanks to the Burberry moniker.

What to pair it with: A nice shiny pair of oxfords is jumping out at us right now. As long as the oxfords are smooth, you'll be able to wear anything with this belt as far as tops and bottoms go.


20. Uniqlo Leather Mesh Belt

Screen Shot 2023 12 23 at 5.42.52 PM
  • A Promising Review: "I've had my Uniqlo belt for years and feel it's the best quality you can get at this price point." - Charlie Kolbrener, Senior Editor at ONE37pm
  • Material(s): Leather
  • Size(s): M - XL
  • Color(s): Black, Brown, Dark Brown

If you're searching for something quick and easy without having to spend that much money, Uniqlo has a sizable catalog when it comes to belts. One of our favorites from them is the Leather Mesh Belt for its dynamic leather feel and smoothness. The belt is comfortable, easy to put on, and automatically pairs nicely with your outfit. Also crafted very nicely, the Mesh Belt is priced at $30. Our only beef is that Uniqlo products sell out fast, that means you've gotta cop right now. Seriously.

What to pair it with: Uniqlo gives the recommendation of pairing the Mesh Belt with their Dry Color Crew Neck Short-Sleeve T-Shirt ($9.90) as the belt contrasts against the solid white color quite nicely. We also think the Mesh Belt would work well with fitted jeans and cowboy boots for a western look.


21. Eddie Bauer Tap Cap Belt

belt copy 20
Eddie Bauer
  • A Promising Review: "Versatile, sturdy belt that holds." - Eddie Bauer Reviewer
  • Material(s): Nylon
  • Size(s): M - XL
  • Color(s): Black, Graphite, Navy

Eddie Bauer also has an inexpensive belt selection worth checking out as well. The Tap Cap Belt is made with all-nylon, and actually has a bottle opener attached on the belt buckle, which seems like something that could come in handy one day (especially if you're playing host or at a party somewhere). Buyers of the Tap Cap Belt attest to its heavy-duty sturdiness, meaning if you're looking for a belt that you can wear for work—this is the one right here.

What to pair it with: You can pair the Tap Cap Belt with virtually with any pair of chinos or outdoor/work pants. A nice clean t-shirt will work well with the Tap Cap as well.

SHOP NOW AT EDDIE BAUER, (Was $32, Now: 25.60)

22. Timberland Men's Golf Classic Jean Belt

belt copy 21
Dick's Sporting Goods
  • A Promising Review: "The belt was a good value and looks good. It provides good fit. Quality leather and true to size. Works well with casual wear, khakis or jeans." - Dick's Sporting Goods Reviewer
  • Material(s): Leather
  • Size(s): 32 - 48
  • Color(s): Brown, Navy, Wheat

Another budget-friendly option, Timberland gives you a lot with their $20 belt which is made with leather, comes in several different colors, and is very durable. While you could wear the belt with formal attire, casual seems to be the way to go as you can pair it with jeans, khakis, and shorts. Considering the price point, color options (you get three), and the variety of sizes, the Golf Classic Jean Belt is a winner.

What to pair it with: According to Dick's, you should pair the Golf Classic Jean Belt with the Walter Hagen Men's Perfect 11 Seersucker Textured Golf Shorts ($75, $18.87) and the Nike Men's Dri-FIT Victory Blade Collar Golf Polo ($58)


23. Ted Baker Reversible Leather Belt

Screen Shot 2023 12 23 at 6.07.44 PM
  • A Promising Review: "My husband’s reversible (black to brown) broke after only a couple of years. We bought this replacement at Nordstrom. Their merchandise and service are superb!" - Nordstrom Reviewer
  • Material(s): Leather
  • Size(s): 30 - 42
  • Color(s): Black, Tan, Navy

A handsome timeless leather belt that's perfectly perfect, Ted Baker delivers once again with their eye-catching Reversible Leather Belt that's both minimalistic and playful. Now we think about it, Ted Baker has never not produced great quality belts that can last you years and year, and based on the durable build, the same is true of the Reversible Belt. The brand recommends ordering one size larger than your pants size, which is something to keep an mind if you normally buy your stuff true to size.

What to pair it with: Nordstrom gives some good pairing options including Les Deux's Jesse Check Hybrid 2.0 Button-Up Shirt ($199), Peregrine's Bexley Water Resistant Waxed Cotton Jacket ($360), AG's Everett Slim Straight Leg Jeans ($198 - $235), and BOSS' Lisbon Chelsea Boot ($299, $194.35)


24. Tom Ford Men's Signature T Reversible Leather Belt

belt copy 23
  • A Promising Review: "I purchased the reversible black/brown leather Tom Ford belt size 85. I’m 5’10 with a size 30-31 waist. I absolutely love this belt. Using premium quality leather and craftsmanship, this belt lives up to the the Tom Ford name. The solid gold buckle is sturdy and gives a hint subtle sophistication. The belt feels like she just gently hugs my waist all day long. Very pleased." - Nordstrom Reviewer
  • Material(s): Calf leather
  • Size(s): 85cm - 115cm
  • Color(s): Black/Navy

A rustic belt that a punk edge courtesy of the T buckle, Tom Ford's Reversible Logo Belt is made with calf leather, and has all the makings of a masterpiece. Since it's reversible, you can flip the belt for an entirely different look, which is always something to be appreciated since a reversible belt eliminates the need of buying more than one belt at a time. Cool, smooth, and sexy, you definitely won't want to miss adding this belt into your accessories lineup.

What to pair it with: This belt would look especially nice with pair of dark dress pants, a white dress shirt, and a black blazer/suit jacket. Formal mixed with punk—gotta love it.


25. Lucky Southwest Woven Belt

belt copy 24
Lucky Brand

The southern "Southwest" design makes this a belt that standouts in comparison to the others on this list as it makes an automatic statement. Made with an intricate woven material, vibrant colors make up the Southwest Woven Belt, giving it a 1970s John Wayne movie type of feel. We recommend pairing the Southwest with some khakis/baggy jeans or perhaps a pair of 70s style jeans for a hippie look.

What to pair it with: In addition to rocking baggy jeans/khakis for a retro style, Lucky Brand recommends pairing the Southwest Belt with their Corduroy Western Long Sleeve Shirt ($98.40, $59.10), Garment Dye Thermal Crew ($59.50, $35.70), and their Easy Rider Boot Jeans ($99, $69.30).


26. Saint Laurent Monogrammed Suede Belt

Screen Shot 2023 12 23 at 8.05.56 PM
  • A Promising Review: "Absolutely love my YSL monogram belt! It goes with everything and adds a touch of class to all my outfits! Worth the money spent." - MyTheresa Reviewer
  • Material(s): Lamb leather, suede
  • Size(s): 85cm - 110cm
  • Color(s): Brown

A built that will have you "too sexy for your shirt," Saint Laurent's Monogrammed Suede Belt is a belt that talks the talk while you walk the walk. Made with a lamb leather/suede blend, the belt is capped off with a YSL silver-tone monogram loop so that way you once again get bragging rights for who you're wearing. Easy to put on and mad comfortable, YSL gives you a decent amount of sizes to work with as well.

What to pair it with: MyTheresa gives the suggestion of pairing the Monogrammed Suede Belt with Saint Laurent's Signature Logo Cotton T-Shirt ($550). You can also rock this belt with a dark pair of jeans.


27. Charles Tyrwhitt Made in England Leather Belt

Screen Shot 2023 12 23 at 8.16.39 PM
Charles Tyrwhitt
  • A Promising Review: "Top notch stuff .. you can’t get it better anywhere than here" - Charles Tyrwhitt Reviewer
  • Material(s): Italian leather
  • Size(s): 32 - 42
  • Color(s): Black, Brown, Tan

Reviewers seem to love this Made in England belt from Charles Tyrwhitt, and while we haven't personally tried one of their belts, we have tested some of their other items like their button down shirts. The quality is always something to rave about with CT, and it seems to be no different with their belt selection. The Made in England belt is made with Italian leather, comes in three different colors, has multiple sizes, and is under $75. Winner!

What to pair it with: Khakis, khakis, khakis! There's nothing like a dark brown belt paired with a tan pair of pants to bring it all together.


28. Cole Haan Harrison Grand Belt

Screen Shot 2023 12 23 at 8.31.39 PM
Cole Haan
  • A Promising Review: "Well made and excellent fit." - Cole Haan Reviewer
  • Material(s): Leather
  • Size(s): 34 - 44
  • Color(s): Java

Never underestimate Cole Haan's ability to give you everything you need from a menswear perspective. A hardcore silken belt that works for the daytime and night, the leather-made Harrison Grand is a tried and true comfortable option that has gotten many through the work week with its burnished leather and a refined nubuck lining. As long as you follow Cole Haan's instructions of sizing up two inches larger than your actual pants size, you'll be good to rock the Harrison Grand belt with whatever bottoms you see fit.

What to pair it with: While you can certainly wear this belt with a dressier pair of pants, we think a pair of cargo shorts will especially make this belt pop. Throw that in with a polo shirt and you've got yourself an epic beach day look.


29. Will Leather Goods Hand Braided Leather Belt

Screen Shot 2023 12 23 at 8.43.25 PM
  • A Promising Review: "Handcrafted and good quality. Holds up well over time. - Huckberry Reviewer
  • Material(s): Recycled leather
  • Size(s): 32 - 42
  • Color(s): Black, Brown, Olive

It's always nice when a brand commits to sustainability, and that's exactly what we have here with Will Leather Goods' Hand Braided Leather Belt, which is designed with a recycled leather made to age nicely over time, while boasting satin-finished Italian metal hardware in it crafting. You still get the sleek leather look, but with a braided western vibe, which is one of the many reasons you should consider copping. Factor in the under $75 price and how the belt looks better with wear, and we're not seeing how this isn't a major steal.

What to pair it with: Everything about the Hand Braided Leather Belt screams fitted jeans, boots, and a tucked in shirt. So that's our pairing recommendation.

SHOP NOW AT HUCKBERRY, (Was $91, Now $61)

30. NOAH Faux Lizard Belt

Screen Shot 2023 12 23 at 8.55.56 PM
  • A Promising Review: "NOAH has quickly become one of my favorite brands, and it's because of their craftsmanship. Even in items like their belts the attention to detail is there. This belt seems like it has the potential to last a long time." - Jael Rucker, ONE37pm Style Editor
  • Material(s): Leather
  • Size(s): 28 - 34
  • Color(s): Black, Brown

NOAH is continuing to quickly rise through the fashion ranks not just for their incredible garments and collaborations, but because of their attention to detail and craftsmanship. That's noticed even in items like the Faux Lizard Belt, which features a leather embossed Lizard detail that's finished with a lavish metal belt buckle. Sizes range between 28 - 34, with NOAH's asking price sitting at $148. If you haven't tried purchasing from the brand yet, now's the time to give them a shot.

What to pair it with: The leather embossed design does more than enough so you don't want to distract from it. Keep it simple by pairing this belt with a relaxed pair of jeans or casual pants.


FAQs about men's belts:

What are some of the best brands for men's belts?

The subject of "best" in this case is very subjective as we listed a bunch of different brands in this article that are very different from one another in terms of how they design their products, price points, etc. Some of our favorite brands for belts are Tom Ford, Gucci, and Versace for luxury, and brands like Eddie Bauer and Timberland in the average price range.

How to pick a good belt:

In order to select a good belt, you have to first measure your pants waist size if you don't already know it. A general rule of thumb is that your belt should be roughly 1-2 inches than the size of your pants waist. Once you have that down, you'll also want to factor in the material of the belt as leather, nylon, and woven fabric will probably get you the best results in terms of durability. The weight and thickness of the belt is also another component you can use to tell whether or not a belt is good quality. That is sometimes be hard to achieve online, so you can also read the reviews if you are having a hard time figuring out what's best for you.

What's the difference between a dress belt and casual belt?

There's often a merge between dress and casual belts as many can with both dress and casual pants, but casual belts do tend to be wider in their design, whereas dress belts are never more than an inch wide. Dress belts also traditionally have a smaller frame buckle. Most websites do a good job as detailing what type of belt they are offering, so you can always read the description or email the brand if you have any additional questions.

If you need some suggestions as to what pants you should wear your belt with, check out our list of best men's summer pants here.

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