The 32 Best White Sneakers For Men to Add to Your Rotation in 2024

The white kicks for walking, running and overall style

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Nike / Salomon

No white after Labor Day (inserts Spongebob hands on hips meme). The conversation surrounding this fashion rule is one that we will need to have one day in the future, but since we are some time removed from Labor Day, we thought it would be pretty neat to put you guys on to some of the best white sneakers for men that are currently available to have you looking fresh in 2024 and beyond. There are fewer things that complement a fire fit better than a "so fresh and so clean" (Outkast voice) pair of all-white sneakers, and that's what makes them so sick to wear. You can pair them with jeans, shorts, joggers, or whatever other combination you can come up with it. As you can imagine there's a bunch of them out there, so what did Elvis say? A little less conversation, a little more action, so let’s get right into it.

From our top choice, the Salomon XT-6 ($200), to the classic Nike Air Force 1 '07 ($115), these are some of the best white sneaks to consider adding to your lineup.

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The Very Best White Sneakers:

1. Salomon Xt-6

Screen Shot 2023 12 20 at 10.36.18 AM

Best White Sneaker for Men, Overall

  • Sizes: 7.5 - 13
  • Upper material: Synthetic/textile
  • Sole material: Rubber
  • Genre: Lifestyle/running

Up first as our top choice is the Salomon Xt-6, which is has steadily become a trending white shoe to cop that works for all seasons. Crafted with a synthetic/textile upper and a durable rubber sole that provides great gripping and traction, the Xt-6 works as both a casual or running shoe depending on your purpose for purchasing. Should you choose to use them for the latter, the brand says these shoes in particular are built for athletes that race under harsh weather conditions. Cushioning, durability, and descent-control is at the forefront of the Xt-6, which is probably a reason it's beloved so much by it's buyers. "Thanks for the great design and comfortable wear this shoe offers. This shoe has become my favorite all time shoe. I already recommended this to all my friends and probably won't be the last pair I'll buy too. Thank you," says a happy customer, which is on-par with similar reviews.

Priced at $200, sizes range from a 7.5 - 13, and multiple colors are available in the Xt-6.


2. Nike Air Force 1 '07

Screen Shot 2023 12 20 at 10.47.58 AM

Best Classic Option

  • Sizes: 6 - 18
  • Upper material: Rubber
  • Sole material: Rubber
  • Genre: Lifestyle

The standard Air Force 1s are probably the most iconic all-white sneakers of all-time, and we're ready to debate anybody that says different. They've been referenced in rap songs (even had a whole song devoted to them by Nelly), worn in videos, movies, t.v. shows. We could go on and on for hours, but the fact of the matter is, when you think of all-white sneakers, AF1's automatically come to mind. Made with rubber, the low cut shoe comes complete with a foam midsole and perforations on the toe box for extra comfort and breathability, and seeing as though we own a pair of our own, we can personally attest to their ability for seamless all-day wear.

"Got these before my 19th birthday I absolutely love them, classic sneaker that looks very beautiful and it’s very comfortable," says a reviewer of the AF1, and we agree. You can cop these bad boys for $115 via Nike and several other retailers.


3. adidas Stan Smith Shoes

Screen Shot 2023 12 20 at 10.55.23 AM

Best for Tennis/Pickleball

  • Sizes: 5 - 14
  • Upper material: Rubber
  • Sole material: Rubber
  • Genre: Tennis/pickleball/lifestyle

Classic traditional shoe? Check. Easy to clean? Check. A shoe with a little longevity to it? Check! Can't go wrong with the Stan Smith's. A shoe that has been around for over fifty years and counting, what you get with this vintage classic is quite simple—a tried-and-true shoe constructed of synthetic and rubber material (Vegan rubber by the way) that's ultra comfortable whether you are wearing for your tennis/pickleball activities, or you're just choosing to rock casually. Sizes range between a 5 - 14, the asking price is $100, and adidas recommends pairing with their Trefoil Essentials Tank Top ($25), the Adicolor Seasonal Archive Hoodie ($100), the Arsenal Essentials Trefoil Pants ($65), and the Premium Essentials Dad Hat ($33).


4. HOKA Clifton 9

Screen Shot 2023 12 20 at 11.07.12 AM

Best for Walking

  • Sizes: 7 - 16
  • Upper material: Recycled polyester
  • Sole material: Rubber
  • Genre: Running

Aside from the fact that the ASICS Clifton 9 is one of the most comfortable sneakers for runners on the market, this is a beautiful white shoe. They perfectly blend together every single white shade there is. Another winner with the Clifton 9? You don't have to break them in, which is an added bonus. The comfort is there with the shoe's compression molded EVA foam midsole and durabrasion rubber outsole, and the Clifton 9 is totally constructed from recycled polyester making it sustainable. "I recently purchased a pair of Hoka Clifton 9 athletic shoes, and I must say they have exceeded my expectations in every way. Not only are they incredibly comfortable, but they also possess a stylish design that I love. These shoes have been an absolute game-changer for my recovery and rehabilitation," says a reviewer.

"I walk 3 to 4 miles a day to help keep my type 2 under control. These are the best shoes I've had yet for this activity," another customer adds. Lightweight and available in a range of sizes (including halves), you can purchase the Clifton 9 for $145.


5. Reebok Club C 85 Men's Shoes

Screen Shot 2023 12 20 at 11.16.46 AM

Best Casual Sneaker

  • Sizes: 3.5 - 15
  • Upper material: Soft leather
  • Sole material: Rubber
  • Genre: Lifestyle

The Club C's are, well, the Club C's. They are one of Reebok's most longstanding products, and for good reason. Stylish, comfy, and good for walking. Also a reasonably priced shoe that's only $75. Cut with a soft leather material in the upper, and a durable rubber sole that will offer you great traction, your foot will be protected from the minute you put these on thanks to the shoe's built-in comfortable molded sockliner. What's more, Reebok also gives you a plethora of sizes to choose from. Seeing as though this shoe has been around for decades, it's no wonder why the reviews are great. "When you need a large size shoe for everyday use it is next to impossible to find them in a store. I have been wearing these classic c shoes for years and expect to continue as long as they are available. They fit great, feel great, and last under rugged conditions," says a buyer, which we can back up as we own a pair of the Club C's as well.

For an under $100 shoe, the Club C's are always a great buy.


6. Nike Air Force 1 High '07

Screen Shot 2023 12 20 at 12.46.04 PM

Best Hightop Sneaker

  • Sizes: 6 - 18
  • Upper material: Rubber
  • Sole material: Rubber
  • Genre: Lifestyle

Made with a smooth rubber upper and a rubber sole to match, it's criminal how many people forget that Forces actually come in a high top as well (almost as criminal as not likes Black Forces, but that's a subject matter for a different day). Most people also don't know that the AF1 High Tops were originally made for performance, so it has the standard Nike Air cushioning to go along with a padded ankle and tongue. There's also a foam midsole present to ensure comfortability. Oh, and there's the classic hook-and-loop closure as well. Nike recommends pairing these high tops with their Sportswear Tech Fleece ($120), their Sportswear T-Shirt ($35), their Club Fleece Men's Pants ($60), and their Elemental Backpack ($42, $31.97).


7. Vans Classic Slip-On Core Classics

Screen Shot 2023 12 20 at 12.56.16 PM 1

Best for Convenience

  • Sizes: 3.5 - 16
  • Upper material: Rubber
  • Sole material: Rubber
  • Genre: Lifestyle

Vans has a couple of good all-white selections, including their Classic Slip-On Core Classics, which are a smooth sleek shoe that are slightly sporty and slightly casual. A versatile option made of rubber that can work with a lot in your closet, along with a price ($54.95) that can't be beaten by a lot of other competitors when it comes to expertly crafted solid white digs, the Classic Slip-On Core Classics are top of mind when it comes to our white sneaker selection. Others agree with our sentiments with one reviewer saying: "I wanted a shoe that somewhat looked like my Chuck T's because I started noticing everyone jumping on the Chuck T bandwagon. At first they were just an acceptable replacement, but now I think they look better with most jeans and shorts than the Chuck T's. I can wear them with socks or without socks and be comfortable."

"These are the shoes I have been searching for my entire life. Little did I know they were right under my nose. I`d always seen them and passed them up. The older I get, the lazier I get. No laces?! Sign me up! These are comfy. I have slightly wide feet and these really fit the bill in terms of not being too squished for my poor little feet," adds another pleased buyer. They do require some breaking in, but for the affordable price tag they are certainly worth the purchase.


8. ASICS Gel-Quantum 180 VII

Screen Shot 2023 12 20 at 1.09.26 PM

Best for Running

  • Sizes: 3.5 - 16
  • Upper material: Jacquard mesh upper
  • Sole material: Rubber
  • Genre: Running

If you happen to be on the hunt for a running sneaker specifically from ASICS, then definitely try out the Gel-Quantum 180 VII which is a light easy comfortable shoe that is easy to run in on the toughest of trails, tracks, and pavements. Constructed with a Jaquard mesh upper and a rubber sole the Gel-Quantum features: FLYTEFOAM® cushioning for lightweight absorption, a sustainable sockliner, and Scutoid GEL® technology that promotes additional shock absorption. You'll be more than comfortable wearing as one reviewer says: "Comfortable, a must purchase! I used these to officiate basketball. Definitely worth the purchase price. Will recommend!"

With an asking price of $60, these are certainly a good buy if you ask us.


9. Maison Margiela Replica Low-Top Sneakers

Screen Shot 2023 12 20 at 1.18.22 PM

Best Luxury Option

  • Sizes: 39 - 45
  • Upper material: Leather
  • Sole material: Rubber
  • Genre: Lifestyle

Maison Margiela doesn't get talked about nearly enough in the ream of luxury when it comes shoe selection—we're going to boldly say that they are one of the best fashion houses (if not the best) at producing quality sneakers that check the box of being couture and casual/athletic. If you are looking for an all-white option from Margiela, the leather-crafted Replica low is one of their best and most in demand. Also featuring branded footbeds, a durable rubber sole, and lace-up fastenings for extra security in the foot and ankle area, the clean lines and smooth appearance is enough to reel you in, while the comfort takes the shoe from third to home base.

Priced at $374, sizes are available in a 39 - 45 (UK sizing).


10. New Balance 550

Screen Shot 2023 12 20 at 1.26.57 PM
New Balance

Best Outdoorsy Option

  • Sizes: 8 - 14
  • Upper material: Leather
  • Sole material: Rubber
  • Genre: Lifestyle

The New Balance 550 is a shoe that has a unique history to it. The 550's first started in 1989, had a limited run in stores, was eventually discontinued, and then shelved until the end of 2020. Since the beginning of 2021, the 550's have become something of a TikTok/Pinterest coveted fashion item that's become loved for its streamlined appearance and squeaky clean smoothness. Featuring a leather upper and rubber sole that's durable enough to withstand, well, anything, it's now safe to say that 550's are a must-have for any sneaker lover's respective closets. "Best baller shoe around, looks & feels great," excitedly says one New Balance customer with another exclaiming: "I love these shoes so much. If I pair them with flared jeans and a crop top it gives that retro fashion feel. They are not only stylish but SUPER comfortable and barely crease!!"

If you know what's good for you, you'll cop some 550's. Just saying.

SHOP NOW AT NEW BALANCE, (Was $109.99, Now $87.99)

11. Banana Republic Sneakers

Screen Shot 2023 12 20 at 1.37.26 PM
Banana Republic Factory
  • Sizes: 8 - 12
  • Upper material: 100% Synthetic leather
  • Sole material: Rubber
  • Genre: Lifestyle

While Banana Republic might not seem like a super likely option when it comes to purchasing sneakers, they do indeed have them. The Banana Republic Sneakers is a no-frills fine simple white sneaker that cuts straight to the chase in terms of delivering elevated basics. Boosting a 100% synthetic leather upper and a rubber outsole for maximum traction and shock absorption, these sneakers are a supple versatile option that you can sport while casually walking around the city, to the office, or even for a quick airport trip where you'll be needing to hop off the plane and head straight to a meeting. Sizing runs between an 8 - 12, with BR recommending sizing down a half size as the shoe runs large. With a $40 price tag, this is a no-brainer...right?


12. CARIUMA Off-White Knit

Screen Shot 2023 12 20 at 1.46.38 PM
  • Sizes: 8 - 12
  • Upper material: Perfect-fit bamboo knit
  • Sole material: Green EVA made from sugarcane
  • Genre: Tennis

If you want sustainable, Cariuma gives you all that and a bag of chips with, wait for it... a bamboo knit upper, an insole made from lightweight memory foam, cork, and Mamona oil, and laces that are made with recycled plastics. Known for their brilliant approach to sustainable basics, Cariuma is yet another suitable option you can use for picking a solid pair of all-whites. "Can wear all day walking the streets of any city!!," says one Cariuma customer. Another review says: "Tried this fabric (usually order the canvas). Definitely more give and added comfort. I can't get enough of all of their shoes."

You can purchase these baby's for $119 in a range of sizes.


13. Vans Seldan Sneaker

Screen Shot 2023 12 20 at 1.58.56 PM
  • Sizes: 8 - 13
  • Upper material: Canvas
  • Sole material: Rubber
  • Genre: Lifestyle

Vans, Vans, Vans. You can live with them, but you certainly can't live without them. Should you be on the prowl for more than one Vans shoe to add to your list, we happen to think the Seldan Sneakers are roomy, comfy, and an easy on the eyes for sure with its upper canvas material and rubber sole. While not exactly the most flashy shoe in the Vans catalog, the Seldan gets the job done with its minimalistic and complimentary appearance. The comfort gets checked to with a cushioned footbed, fabric lining, and vulcanized midsole. Breathable, durable, and a Vans bestseller, buyers love the Seldan primarily for it's comfort. "Exactly what I wanted and knew exactly what I was getting. Can’t go wrong with Vans!," says a buyer. Another customer adds: "I bought these about a week ago. So comfortable and easy to keep clean."

Sizing is available in a 8 - 13 along with a price tag of $69.99.


14. Beckett Simonon Reid Sneakers

Screen Shot 2023 12 20 at 2.31.41 PM
Beckett Simon
  • Sizes: 7 - 14
  • Upper material: Full-grain leather
  • Sole material: Rubber
  • Genre: Lifestyle

Doused in all white, well proportioned, made with leather, and —smooth like silk. The quality (which is handmade with full-grain leather by the way) is great, the minimalistic modern look is a nice appearance sure to boost any outfit, and they are mad comfy with their leather lined insoles, which the brand says is made to adapt to your feet’s shape to form custom-like footbeds. Concerned about stinking up the joint? No worries there either as the shoe has the brand's Vachetta leather lining that assists with temperature management, sweat absorption, and odor control. "I never write reviews but there are so great I felt like I had to. Leather is super soft and shoe is crazy comfy and it looks clean as hell," says a buyer of the Reid Sneakers, which tells you everything you need to know.

You can cop for $169.


15. Norda 001 Trail Running Sneaker

Screen Shot 2023 12 20 at 2.46.39 PM
  • Sizes: 8 - 13
  • Upper material: Dyneema
  • Sole material: Rubber
  • Genre: Running

Available for a cool $285, Norda's 001 Trail Running Sneakers are an understated shoe that does a good job at holding in down in Norda's sneaker department. Splashed in an all-white color that's contrasted nicely with a tan rubber outsole, the construction of the 001 one is quite interesting—the brand's abrasion-resistant bio-based Dyneema in the upper (which is also paired with cordura), and a rubber outsole built for shock and energy absorption. You'd have to be nitpicking to find something with the 001, which generally fit true-to-size and offer premium comfort. Whether you are hitting the toughest of mountains and trails, or you're just simply going for a jog around your neighborhood, the 001 won't fail you.


16. Nike Revolution 7

Screen Shot 2023 12 20 at 2.57.36 PM
  • Sizes: 6 - 15
  • Upper material: Rubber
  • Sole material: Rubber
  • Genre: Running

Hey, you can never have enough good running shoes! In case you needed another suggestion for your training, the Nike Revolution 7, which is meant specifically for hitting the trails with a generative traction pattern that's combined with rubber lugs for a grip full of strength. Sustainably made with laces that are 100 percent recycled, and cushioned with a foam midsole and heel puffs that promote high-performance running and walking, the Revolution 7s is definitely one of the best white sneakers for men who want an efficient shoe that's going to take care of business.

"I bought these a week ago and I love them that fit perfectly and are very comfortable, I plan to buy a few more pairs," is the only review we needed to hear to sell us. Under $100 as well? Bet.


17. Kizik Men's Irvine

Screen Shot 2023 12 20 at 3.11.28 PM
  • Sizes: 4.5 - 15
  • Upper material: Canvas
  • Sole material: Rubber
  • Genre: Lifestyle

Not only are these Irvine shoes from Kizik all-white, they are triple pearly white—the kind of white that works with a wide range of options. Stylistically, there's tons you can do with the Irvine as they are a very versatile shoe, but aside from their attractiveness, the shoes are hands-free—meaning you don't have to struggle with putting them on or tying the laces. There's also the incorporation of a spacious toe box, dual-density underfoot cushioning, and a full-abrasion rubber outsole. Don't let us tell you. though, here it from the customers. "I was not really sure when I first tried them on, they are a different fit from my Athens but I love the look so I opted to try them and wore them all day! Love them," says a satisfied Kizik buyer.

"I LOVE these shoes!! They are so easy to put on and very stylish too," adds another. Only $99 and available in many different sizes with the option of standard or regular sizing, the Irvine's are a winner.


18. Chuck Taylor All Star Leather

Screen Shot 2023 12 20 at 3.24.19 PM
  • Sizes: 3 - 13
  • Upper material: Leather
  • Sole material: Rubber
  • Genre: Lifestyle

The OG Converse High Tops have been around longer than what some of us have been alive, which is a testament to their popularity and longevity. They haven't strayed too far from their original model either—a Converse High Top in the 2020s isn't too much different from what they were in the 1970s when Dr. J aka Julius Irving was rocking them—just slightly more technical. By now you know exactly what you're getting with a Converse High—a smooth leather upper paired with a grippy rubber outsole that goes along with its iconic creamy white model. Always around $70 as well. Always.


19. Reebok Classic Leather Shoes

Screen Shot 2023 12 20 at 3.39.57 PM
  • Sizes: 3.5 - 16.5
  • Upper material: Leather
  • Sole material: Rubber
  • Genre: Lifestyle

In addition to those bangin' Club C's we mentioned earlier, Reebok also has their Classic Leather Shoes that are made with a durable leather upper/rubber outsole combination, and come with the option of an all-white colorway. These Classics have never left the retro look, which makes us (and lots of others) a constant fan of these vintage legends. "I had the sneakers when I was younger and I thought I'd try them again because I'm the type of person that doesn't like to wear the same thing that everyone does and they still look as amazing as they did when I was younger," says a nostalgic reviewer, with another raving: "Great looking, fitting and stylish sneaker. You can't go wrong with a fresh pair on."

Priced at $80, sizes range from a 3.5 - 15.


20. Common Projects BBall Low Sneaker

Screen Shot 2023 12 20 at 3.48.06 PM
  • Sizes: 35 - 40
  • Upper material: Grained leather upper 
  • Sole material: Rubber
  • Genre: Lifestyle

Another great pair of white sneaks for those that are fan of luxury. This Italian-made handcrafted tennis shoe is luxuriously sporty silhouette effortlessly constructed with a grained leather upper that works together with a strong rubber outsole for a strong sturdy tread. As versatile as an all-white shoe can be, the Bball Low is well equipped to serve you should you need to trek through the tough weather conditions, but it never leaves it's luxury appearance, meaning that you can effortlessly rock it to the office, a dinner, or to the airport. Available for $477 at Revolve, sizes range from a 35 - 40 (UK).


21. P448 Soho White Scored Sneaker

Screen Shot 2023 12 20 at 3.58.03 PM
  • Sizes: 8 - 14.5
  • Upper material: Leather
  • Sole material: Rubber
  • Genre: Lifestyle

While the Soho Sneakers do have a little bit of cream coloring in them (okay slightly more than a little), we're going to make the exception because of the exceptional quality the P448 brand offers. Featuring a beautiful design and crafting backing the Soho Sneaks, you get an art-palette mixture of colors on the outer part of the shoe, while the interior remains focused on providing optimal coziness. This includes a padded collar and cushioned footbed provide that molds to your foot as you're walking. Priced less than $200 with multiple sizes available, the Soho White has all of the components for a closet classic.


22. PUMA Rebound V6

Screen Shot 2023 12 20 at 4.09.03 PM
  • Sizes: 4 - 14
  • Upper material: Rubber
  • Sole material: Rubber
  • Genre: Lifestyle

Somewhere deep in the land of all-white sneakers lies the Rebound V6 from PUMA—a cool little $65 shoe that has managed to sneak into our favorites when it comes to pearly white kicks. A sporty shoe cut with rubber that's designed to keep your feet locked in as you power through whatever activity you are wearing them in/for, the Rebound V6 works its magic when it comes to comfort without ever leaving behind style. PUMA suggests pairing these shoes with their Essential Logo Men's Joggers ($45, $29.99), and their Essentials Big Logo Men's Hoodie ($50, $24.99) for the ultimate fit check.


23. PUMA ST Runner v3 L Men's Sneakers

Screen Shot 2023 12 20 at 4.18.23 PM
  • Sizes: 7.5 - 14
  • Upper material: Rubber
  • Sole material: Rubber
  • Genre: Running

If you rock with PUMA heavy and you're looking for a solid all-white running shoe from the brand, consider copping the ST Runner v3 L Men's Sneakers, which are a toned-down but still attractive running shoe built for pounding the pavement. The cushioned midsole molds to your foot as you're walking, and the sturdy rubber outsole protects you with its traction and grip capabilities should you encounter heavy rains while training. The brand notes that this particular shoe is one that runs small, so it's recommended that your order a half-size up. Sizing on the ST Runner v3 starts at a 7.5 and goes up to a 14, with PUMA's asking price currently sitting around $40 - $50. Another major steal.

SHOP NOW AT PUMA, (Was $60, Now $37.99 - $40)

24. On The Roger Advantage

Screen Shot 2023 12 20 at 4.27.37 PM 1
  • Sizes: 7 - 12.5
  • Upper material: Textile and synthetic 
  • Sole material: Synthetic
  • Genre: Tennis/lifestyle

"I was very skeptical at first, but once I broke them in I couldn't be happier with the comfortability. These look great with a lot of different styles, very versatile," says a buyer of the Advantage. "So good. Usually these types of shoes are much too narrow for my wide feet but these fit perfectly. They also look excellent. Home run for ON," says another reviewer echoing similar sentiments. Whether it's because of the brand's CloudTec Speedboard feature (which helps with the natural rolling of the foot), the cushioning, or the overall sick look of the shoe, ON has once again delivered a simple lifestyle sneaker with adequate support and comfort. Definitely worth the $139.99 investment in our honest opinion.


25. KOIO Capri In Triple White

Screen Shot 2023 12 20 at 4.40.05 PM
  • Sizes: 7 - 16
  • Upper material: LWG gold-certified Italian leather 
  • Sole material: Rubber
  • Genre: Lifestyle

Speaking of shoes that are worth the investment, we'd also venture to say that KOIO's all-white Capri shoes fit the bill of slightly dressy/slightly casual shoe that looks way more expensive than what they actually are. Handmade with LWG gold-certified Italian leather in the upper with a rubber sole as the finisher, the pristine condition of the Capri's is enough to almost make you not want to wear them outside where they could potentially get dirty. Factor that in with the shoe's tight waterproof stitching and removable OrthoLite Hybrid insole that promotes additional comfort, the Capri's are another shoe that's hard to walk away from.

"I’ve been wearing these shoes for about a week now, and I can speak to the quality of the craftsmanship. The leather has started to soften a bit, and the insoles, oh the insoles. Absolute comfort is how I describe them. Probably the most comfortable under-foot feel that I’ve had from a shoe. So far 5/5, would recommend," says a happy reviewer, which further hammers home comfort point.

Priced at $206.50, sizes range from a 7 -16.


26. Perry Ellis Vincent Sneaker

Screen Shot 2023 12 20 at 4.50.54 PM
Perry Ellis
  • Sizes: 7.5 - 13
  • Upper material: Faux Leather
  • Sole material: Rubber
  • Genre: Lifestyle

You know where else is a great place to get dressy sneakers? Why Perris Ellis that is! The Vincent Sneakers have developed its own fan base amongst Perry Ellis fans as it's regarded for its faux leather and rubber craftsmanship. Don't let the faux leather fool you though! This is some high quality crafting available on the Vincent Sneakers (almost as good as some luxury sneakers), and the comfort is taken care of thanks to the temperature-regulated cushioned insole. "My Vincent Sneakers went very well with my all white walking suit & blue & white hookup. Thanks Perry Ellis," brags one reviewer of the shoes with another adding: "Comfortable and fits perfectly."

The Vincent Sneakers are currently priced at $45, with sizes ranging from a 7.5 - 13.

SHOP NOW AT PERRY ELLIS, (Was $100, Now $45)

27. Vessi Men's Everyday Slip-ons

Screen Shot 2023 12 20 at 4.59.47 PM
  • Sizes: 7 - 14
  • Upper material: Breathable knit
  • Sole material: Rubber
  • Genre: Lifestyle

"I love everything about this style. The green in my third pair. Super comfortable. Always waterproof," says a Vessi reviewer about the Everyday Move shoes. "They are super comfortable. They are definitely a great shoe if you work in the food industry or a restaurant," boosts another. Priced at $145, the Vessi Everyday Move Shoes are easy to put on, great quality, and loaded with comfort courtesy of its cushioned mid-foot, durable rubber outsole, and breathable knit construction. Engineered for the outdoors, the technology and comfort is what buyers have raved upon the most, but we also have to call out the fact that these shoes are quite sleek and stylish as well. Another solid under $200 buy.


28. Lacoste Men's Powercourt Leather Sneakers

Screen Shot 2023 12 20 at 5.06.59 PM
  • Sizes: 7.5 - 11
  • Upper material: Leather and synthetic 
  • Sole material: Rubber
  • Genre: Lifestyle

An essential sneaker that puts the modern on the old school, Lacoste delivers their own all-white sneaker powerhouse in the form of their Powercourt Sneaker, a rich vibrant pair of shoes that capture attention in a subtle manners whilst still very much making noise. Crafted in a leather and synthetic upper and a rubber outsole for grippy traction, The Powercourt blends together comfort, convenience, and sustainability in a way that only Lacrosse can. "Happy with my product purchase is exactly like described and quality material," is one of the reviews of the Powercourt, with another adding: "Super comfortable the first day I wore them! A nice look that goes with jeans and dressier combos.

Priced at $90, the Powercourt is a certified three-point shot.


29. Steve Madden Bolo White

Screen Shot 2023 12 20 at 5.21.21 PM
Steve Madden
  • Sizes: 7 - 15
  • Upper material: Vegan leather upper
  • Sole material: Rubber
  • Genre: Lifestyle

"These have the exact look you’re going for and they are so versatile, they go with pretty much every look. They are super comfortable. I would also add that they probably run a little bit big so keep that in mind," writes a Steve Madden customer in their review of the Frosted Sneakers. "Good quality and beautiful, the only problem is that I had to wait more than a month to receive the order," adds another. Steve Madden is Steve Madden—a brand that's high on the totem pole for giving you luxury sneakers at a non-luxury price. Constructed with a leather upper (vegan leather) that is and a rubber outsole, you can the Frosted Shoes for a grand total of $110. Steal of a deal we tell you. A steal of a deal.


30. COACH Clip Court Sneaker

Screen Shot 2023 12 20 at 5.28.48 PM
COACH Outlet
  • Sizes: 10.5 - 13
  • Upper material: Signature coated canvas and leather upper
  • Sole material: Rubber
  • Genre: Lifestyle

COACH Outlet's Clip Court Sneakers are a pair of shoes that keep it simple. You've got a signature coated canvas and leather upper, a durable rubber outsole, a fabric lining and footbed that ensures your foot is well protected and comfortable, and a classic lace-up closure. Doused in creamy white blend, the Clip Court Sneakers aren't the fanciest pair of sneakers you'll ever see, but they accomplish the mission of being stylish and cozy. "I bought it for a gift for my son, I loved the color at first sight and he was more then happy when he got them. They fitted perfectly and they looked so stylish on him. I would definitely keep on buying them again. Nice, comfy, fitted perfectly. +AA," is our favorite review for this $120 shoe. Sizes range from a 10.5 - 13.



Screen Shot 2023 12 20 at 5.35.37 PM
  • Sizes: 7 - 14
  • Upper material: Textile and leather uppers
  • Sole material: Rubber
  • Genre: Lifestyle

TOMS is another brand we can vouch for when it comes to all-white sneakers that check the box of stylish and comfortable (we actually have a recent pair of their shoes sitting in our closets right now). Why is that you may ask? We attribute the comfort of the TRVL LITE to the brand's OrthoLite EcoLT-Hybrid insole, which the company says enhances comfort and breathability. There's also a cupsole made from ultra-lightweight blended rubber-EVA compound that helps with extra cushioning. Each step you take feels amazing to the soles and heel of your feet, and reviews echo our opinions. "I love this shoes.Very light and comfortable," says one customer. Another reviewer adds: "Feels a bit more dressed up than the regular sneakers. Also very comfortable with almost no break in time. Highly recommend"

Priced at $69.99, sizes range from a 7 - 14.

SHOP NOW AT TOMS, (Was $99.95, Now $69.99)

32. Nike Men's Court Legacy Sneaker

Screen Shot 2023 12 20 at 5.44.56 PM 1
  • Sizes: 6 - 15
  • Upper material: Pebbled
  • Sole material: Rubber
  • Genre:

Not sure if you've heard this anywhere else, but The Nike Court Legacy is a shoe that is and will always be an automatic go-to in the name of the sneaker game. Built with a clean pebbled upper and grippy rubber outsole, the low top craftsmanship is a simple one, complete with a herringbone traction pattern delivers multi-surface traction according to Nike, which in turn results in improved durability and comfort. "The shoes were delivered in 3 days and my son-in-law loved them! They fit perfectly. So hard to buy for young adult male but these fit the bill," says a Nike reviewer with another adding: "I bought this shoe because of the style. I love the look and comfort. I bought one size bigger for the room and I glad I did. When I walk on them, my feet feels comfortable."

Gotta love the comfort! Priced at $70, sizes are available in a 6 - 15.


What to consider when shopping for white sneakers:

Here are some things to keep in mind when shopping for white sneakers:

Fit: Sneaker should fit you true to size. They should neither be too big or small, nor should they be too narrow or wide. Most of the times retailers will tell you how a shoe fits, and whether you need to size up or down. If you need more information on the shoe you are considering, you can always check the reviews or email customer service.

Material: It's no secret that keeping a white sneaker clean is no joke. However, should you get shoe that's made with leather or suede, in particular, there are specific cleaners for both types of materials that you can use for wiping down your shoes. As far as comfort goes, leather, knit, and suede uppers are great for breathability, and a rubber outsole adds to the traction and grip of the shoe.

What you'll wear them for: Also consider what/where you plan on wearing your sneakers to when shopping. Are you plan on wearing them casually or do you plan on wearing the shoes to the office? Are you getting shoes for running/walking/exercise? These are factors to consider when shoe shopping?

FAQs about white sneakers:

Here are some frequently asked questions about white sneaker:

How do I clean white sneakers?

As mentioned earlier, you can clean white sneakers by buying certain types of cleaners for the materials your shoes are made out of (leather and suede for example). You can also take a damp cloth and a small amount of liquid laundry detergent, and use that to clean your shoes by dipping a small amount of the detergent onto the cloth and rubbing the shoe in circular motions.

Are white sneakers in style for men?

White sneakers truly never go out of style because white is a neutral color that can work with just about every other color combination and pattern. There are times during the year where wearing white is more prominent (summer for example), but white sneakers are always in style.

Which brand makes the best white sneakers?

Best is subjective in this case, but we're fans on Nike, HOKA, New Balance and Salomon when it comes to pure solid white sneakers that can be mixed and matched with a variety in your closet.

How do I style white sneakers?

As we just mentioned, white is a neutral color that allows it to pair well with just about anything. You can style white sneakers with a range of jeans, jogger, shorts, t-shirts, and even dressier options like chinos, dress shirts, and blazers.

This article was updated to reflect current pricing.

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