9 Dope Sneakers Killing the White Sneaker Trend for Spring

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An ultra-stylish pair of white sneakers is an absolute must-have come summer. They are a timeless staple of men’s style that have been around long before loud mega-sneakers overtook the world of streetwear. (We broke down the cost of the Balenciaga Triple S version of the ugly dad shoe, which falls squarely in the loud category.) Now that the cold, dirty slush of winter is behind us, the days of sneaker weather have finally returned—and new white sneakers are a requirement in every dude’s summer wardrobe.

Whether you’re the kind of guy who wants to wear the simplest, most classic pair of white sneaks you can find or you're in the market for something that skews a little more high-fashion, we’ve found the perfect kicks for you. Here are nine dope white sneakers for under $200 that will keep you going all day, every day. Enjoy your fly summer. 

fila disruptor dope white sneaker
Saks Fifth Avenue

Fila Disruptor II, $65

Best for: The fashion guy who wants to be photographed

If you’re looking to get in on the big, bulky sneaker trend and want to do so in a fresh shade of white (and at an accessible price point), Fila has got you covered. The Disruptor II has a chunky throwback silhouette and features one hell of an eye-catching sole. (Just look at those jagged edges.) Who said white sneakers couldn’t be bold and adventurous?

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reebok dope sneakers white fresh

Reebok Lifestyle Club C 85, $70

Best for: The classic guy who definitely doesn't play tennis

When it comes to quintessential white tennis sneakers, the Reebok Lifestyle Club C is hard to beat. For decades, the simple sneakers have transcended their on-court roots to become the go-to summertime kicks for everyone from skaters to prepsters. And with the soft leather upper, stylish details and timeless silhouette, it’s not hard to see why.

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adidas 80 white sneakers dope fresh
Urban Outfitters

Adidas Continental 80, $80

Best for: The retro guy who drinks matcha

The Continental 80 is the latest Adidas sneaker to find itself resurrected from the archive. The silhouette is simple, sporty and perfectly retro, which makes it yet another stylish throwback sneaker you’re going to want to wear this year. The leather shoe features a timeless two-tone stripe and a beautiful split rubber sole that perfectly captures the vintage look of the early 1980s.

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nike air force 1 white dope sneaker fresh
Urban Outfitters

Nike Air Force 1, $90

Best for: The eternally classic guy who rocks suits and sweatpants 

Every guy should have at least one pair of Air Force 1s in his closet. It is one of Nike’s most iconic models, beloved by streetwear enthusiasts and fashion fanatics for its simple yet bold silhouette. And while many versions of AF1 have been released over the years, it’s hard to beat the sneaker in a classic white.

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vans white sneaker dope fresh

Vans Old Skool, $99

Best for: The nostalgic guy who drinks coffee

Nothing says summertime like a fresh new pair of Vans. This “Gum Block” style is an off-kilter take on the beloved silhouette that mixes shades of white with a funky segmented sole. It’s just different enough to stand out from the original Old Skool without totally reinventing the wheel.

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adidas 5923 dope sneakers white fresh

Adidas Runner I-5923 Runner Boost, $120

Best for: The business guy who brunches on the weekends

These Adidas sneakers offer the best of both worlds: the vintage flair of a 1970s-style runner with the comfort of the brand’s cutting-edge Boost technology. The I-5923 sneaker features a lightweight mesh upper with synthetic suede overlays and the iconic three-stripe detail on the side. And of course, the whole thing sits atop the ultra-cushioned comfort of an Adidas Boost midsole.

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saturdays dope sneaker white fresh
Saturdays NYC

Saturdays NYC Mike Low, $145

Best for: The city guy who practices minimalism

The masters of minimalist menswear at Saturdays NYC know a thing or two about making great sneakers. The “Mike Low” is a pared-down low-profile sneaker with a cotton canvas upper and sleek rubber sole. It’s definitely the type of sneaker you could wear on a day trip to the beach and then out to the bar that night.

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greats royale dope sneaker white fresh

Greats Royale, $179

Best for: The working professional guy that wants to look fly 

Founded in 2014, Greats is well on its way to becoming a household sneaker name. The Brooklyn-based label blends modern details with timeless designs and does so at affordable prices. This sneaker is handcrafted in Italy, is made from locally sourced leather and features a classic silhouette. You can wear this shoe all year long. 

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new balance dope sneaker white fresh
Saks Fifth Avenue

New Balance 997, $250

Best for: The sneakerhead who loves luxury

New Balance is the forefather of the fashionable dad sneaker, and the 997 is one of the brand’s most sought-after styles. This particular pair comes dressed up with rough bison leather and mesh lining, which gives it just enough modern flair to keep it from looking like something that your pops would have worn back in the day.

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