17 2 Chainz Hits That Define His Prolific Discography

2 Chainz Hits MOBILE II
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2 Chainz hits are a dime a dozen when you look through his discography. It's like every other song he made became a global phenomenon. The Atlanta rapper has made a killing in the music game off of his solo songs, as well as his role as a featured artist. Today, we'll be taking a deep dive into his catalog, highlighting some of the most memorable tracks he's ever been a part of. Get ready for the best kind of nostalgia - here are 17 2 Chainz hits that define his prolific discography.

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17. "Ali Bomaye"

16. "Both Eyes Closed"

15. "Money Made Me Do It"

14. "Rich as Fuck"

13. "HeadBand"

12. "Sacrifices"

11. "I'm Different"

10. "No Problem"

9. "Bandz a Make Her Dance"


7. "Champions"

6. "All Me"

5. "200 Pies"

4. "Mercy"

3. "3500"

2. "F**kin' Problems"

1. "It's a Vibe"

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