The 25 Most Lit Ice Spice Lyrics

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Everyone from Lil Baby to Lil Durk have been talking about how ladies have been running things in hip-hop lately. One of the rising female rap sensations at the forefront of the recent female renaissance in hip-hop is Ice Spice. Since her breakthrough On The Radar performance last summer, she’s been going up, up. That now iconic OTR appearance not only caught the attention of Drake, but also helped make her a household name. Not long after, her song “Munch (Feelin’ U)” was certified as an unofficial song of summer 2022, especially in NYC where she hails from. Ice Spice lyrics from “Munch” inspired a shitload of IG captions and became a part of everyday gen-z lingo. The Bronx native along with the sonic direction of her go-to producer RIOTUSA continued to curate the vibes of link ups everywhere throughout the rest of her breakthrough year.

How could the likes of Billboard and Rap Caviar not name Ice Spice one of 2023’s Rookies of the Year? Ice Spice started this year off by dropping her first EP Like..? The six-song project featured a bunch of bops, including “In Ha Mood” “Princess Diana” and “Gangsta Boo” with Lil Tjay. Her collab with PinkPantheress, “Boy’s a liar Pt. 2” soundtracked a bunch of IRL get-togethers and Tiktok trends.

The re-release of her debut project outsold a G.O.A.T. like Nas. She’s featured on the lead single to the soundtrack for arguably the biggest movie of the year. She bodied a couple of collaborations with the Queen of Rap Nicki Minaj. She delivered memorable performances alongside Taylor Swift and at festivals like Governors Ball. She’s been so busy in 2023 that she didn’t even have time for the XXL Freshman cover.

Ice Spice has taken the world by storm with her swagger and bops. Despite her meteoric rise to fame, her career has only just begun to blossom. Even though she’s still technically emerging, she’s lowkey already dropped a good amount of unforgettable bars. Here are the 25 most lit Ice Spice lyrics.

25. “You the baddest, who badder than you?/Look at my friend like who better than we?”

24. “I’m thick because I be eating oats/B*tches not taking nothing from me but notes”

23. “And you fly I can tell by your belt/And make with the cards you was dealt/By my side you ain’t taking no L/He all like ‘Ice, damn you making me melt’”

22. “I throw it back so he losing it/I give the box with no shoes in it”

21. “Baddest b*tch out, you shittin' me?/If you ain't a baddie, can't sit with mе /I swear that thesе b*tches my mini-me's”

20. “So I tell him there's one of me, he makin' fun of me/His girl is a bum to me/Like that boy is a cap”

19. “If it's up, then it's stuck, like Cardi/I fuck with her, but you know that I'm a Barbie”

18. “In my city I’m causing a wreck/Whenever he see me I got him erect/I don’t care of those b*tches don’t like me, but the hustle they gotta respect”

17. “Barbie ain’t nothing to play bout/He wanna play in the playhouse/WTF they gon’ say now/I’m washing these bitches. I’m running the stain out”

16. “Forty-inch, middle-parted/He got all my pics hearted/They all like, "Damn, Ice, your flow be the hardest"/I'm not a regular artist/Go 'Ku and I'm just gettin' started”

15. “Got the jatty, I'ma make it move/Breakin' records and I'm breakin' news/B*tches be pressed, like, ‘Who you?’"

14. “I could pull up in a bonnet/And still say them b*tches is not it/Sorry, I'm just bein' honest/Baby, I ain't bein' modest”

13. “I stuff the hundreds in a duffy Them hatin' b*tches really love me/How you my bitch and you sub me? /If you talk crazy, we'll end it abruptly/Fearing no bitch, only God is above me”

12. “I’m player, you know I’mma score/First they was hating, now I’m on the board”

11. I’m gonna “I'm a baddie I get what I please/You know my body, I do it with ease/He want my body, he tellin' me, "Please"

10. “Takin' her spot/If you ain't cookin', then get off the pot/My name Ice, but I always stay hot/Passenger princess, he pass me his knock”

9. "Shittin' on bitches my hobby, I be goin' dumb and I'm feelin' euphoric/We go like Whitney and Bobby, that n*gga a fiend, I can tell he adore it/ I made 'em forfeit/When it come to these b*tches, I feel like they lost it"

8. "And it's not okay when you try to hurt me/when we fuckin' off Perky/We both from the Bronx, so I know that you dirty"

7. “His BM fuckin' hate me/My DM goin' crazy”

5. “Can't fuck with a n*gga that stay in the likes/of a b*tch I don't like/She must be a bait, 'cause you always bite”

4. “With my bitch gettin' deady/He like him a wetty/He want the WAP, but I just want the fetty/And I'm baggin' his partner, I'm petty”

3. “He wanna sex, niggas be dreamin'/I'm from the X, niggas be schemin'/I'm on they necks, they is not breathin'/Thumbin' a check, blow it in Neiman's”

2. “These B*tches ain't from where I'm from/I'm from the X, beat on a bitch like it's fun/ Damn, I'm so pretty and young/They say I'm next, like, ‘Ice Spice, you really the one’"

1. “You thought I was feelin' you?/That n*gga a munch/N*gga a eater, he ate it for lunch”

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