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Kanye West has spent the last two decades solidifying his place as one of the greatest artists of all time. From his early days as a producer for Jay-Z to his current status as a global icon, Ye has had a significant role in shaping what popular music sounds like and pop culture feels like. The 22-time Grammy Award-winner’s artistic triumphs have been both iconic and game changing. From groundbreaking albums like The College Dropout and My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy to the genre-defying projects like Yeezus and 808s & Heartbreak, the Chi-Town legend’s discography is a testament to his ever-evolving artistry. Each Kanye album features at least one of the best Kanye West songs ever.

There are a lot of great Kanye West songs, but what are the best Kanye West songs? His eclectic musical preferences, along with his willingness to experiment and explore sonically, has allowed Ye to deliver countless fire songs. From songs with hard to miss thought-provoking lyrics to songs with banging beats to motivational anthems to tracks that can get any party started— Yeezy’s lengthy catalog is full of some of the  greatest songs ever. 

Kanye West has carved out a legacy that is unmatched. A true trailblazer, Mr. West has defied the odds time and time again, from the rigid rules of early 2000s hip-hop to surviving cancel culture. Synonymous with pushing boundaries and pushing buttons, he has played a major role in redefining what hip-hop could and should feel like. A true pioneer and visionary, West has weathered the storms of musical trends (as well as his ego & his offensive actions) setting the stage for the next generation of game-changing artists (think Drake, Kid Cudi, Juice WRLD and so many others).

Here are the 60 best Kanye West songs of all time.

60. "Wash Us In The Blood"

59. "Clique"

58. "Mercy.1"

57. "My Way Home"

56. "Moon"

55. "We Major"

54. "Good Life"

53. "30 Hours"

52. "Love Lockdown"

51. "Closed On Sunday"

50. "Impossible"

49. "Bittersweet"

48. "Follow God"

47. "Happy"

46. "All Day"

45. "Made in America"

44. “I Am a God"

43. "Gone"

42. "Kids See Ghosts"

41. "Off the Grid"

40. "Drive Slow"

39. "Every Hour"

38. "New Slaves"

37. "Ultralight Beam"

36. "Stronger"

35. "Gorgeous"

34. "Black Skinhead"

33. "Good Morning"

32. "Lost in the World"

31. "Say You Will"

30. “Touch the Sky"

29. "Diamonds from Sierra Leone (Remix)"

28. "Everything I Am"

27. "All of the Lights"

26. "I Wonder"

25. "Bound 2"

24. "I Thought About Killing You"

23. "Heard 'Em Say"

22. "Blame Game”

21. "No Church in the Wild"

20. "Crack Music"

19. "Niggas in Paris"

18. "Blood on the Leaves"

17. "Monster"

16. "Father Stretch My Hands, Pt. 1"

15. "Street Lights"

14. "Otis"

13. "Two Words"

12. "Flashing Lights"

11. "Gold Digger"

10. "Spaceship"

9. "Runaway"

8. "Through the Wire"

7. "Heartless"

6. "Devil in a New Dress"

5. "New God Flow.1"

4. "Power"

3. "Jesus Walks"

2. "Can't Tell Me Nothing"

1. "All Falls Down"

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