Who Is The Fastest Rapper in the World?

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When it comes to rap and hip-hop, speed, precision, and lyricism are some of the most defining aspects of the art. The fastest rapper in the world represents the pinnacle of these qualities, pushing boundaries and redefining what it means to be a rapper. As we dive into the world of rap's fastest spitters, we'll discuss their history, their techniques, and how they have managed to capture the world's attention.

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The origins of fast rap can be traced back to the late 1980s, when pioneers like Kool Moe Dee, Big Daddy Kane, and Rakim emerged on the scene. These rappers were known for their rapid-fire delivery and intricate rhyme schemes. In the early 1990s, a new wave of artists like Twista, Busta Rhymes, and Tech N9ne took fast rap to new heights, earning widespread acclaim for their speed and technical proficiency.
Fast-forward to today, and we find a whole new generation of rappers pushing the envelope. Among these, one name stands out as the fastest rapper in the world: an artist who has not only broken records but also captivated audiences with their unparalleled skill and passion for the craft.

Meet the fastest rapper in the world - a title earned through a combination of raw talent, dedication, and years of practice. This artist has honed their technique to the point where they can deliver syllables at a mind-boggling speed, surpassing previous record holders and securing their place in rap history.

But who is this enigmatic figure? In an industry where speed is often revered and rappers are constantly vying for the title of fastest, it's essential to look at the metrics. According to the Guinness World Records, the title of the world's fastest rapper - with a hit single - belongs to none other than Eminem.

With his unique blend of skill, speed, and storytelling, Eminem has carved out a legacy that remains unparalleled in the rap world. Let’s talk about the elements that have made Eminem the holder of this coveted Guinness World Record.

The hit single we're discussing in particular is his 2020 hit "Godzilla," which came with a Lyrical Lemonade video courtesy of the company's founder, Cole Bennett, and a feature from the legendary rap talent Juice WRLD. According to the Guinness Book of World Records website, Eminem is the current record holder of the world's fastest rap on a hit single, which puts him at the top amongst the world's most renowned rap talents.

This accomplishment is particularly notable, yet it still begs the question: who are some of the other fastest rappers in the world - even the ones without a hit single. Let's talk about some of the other wordsmiths who deserve a mention in this article about the fastest rapper in the world; there's plenty of ground to cover. From Tonedeff to Crucified, we'll explore the other corners of the hip-hop world which have been after the title of the world's fastest rapper. Eminem's not the only rapper who's fought for the well-respected accolade.

Tonedeff - “Crispy (192)”

In 2013, Tonedeff was showing off his rap prowess, especially when it came to speed, with his single "Crispy (192)." This particular gem from back in the early 2010's is a remarkable feat of fast rap, highlighting the artist's exceptional skills and versatility. Delivering an impressive 14.1 syllables per second, Tonedeff expertly weaved his way through the beat with surgical precision and a smooth, polished flow. The song's intricate lyricism, coupled with Tonedeff's seemingly effortless enunciation and cadence, set "Crispy (192)" apart from the rest of his catalog of music. This high-velocity track captivates listeners with its blend of rapid-fire rhymes and dynamic energy, solidifying Tonedeff's status as a true luminary in the world of fast rap.

NoClue - “New West”

Back in 2005, NoClue's sensational track "New West" was a masterclass in high-speed rap, showcasing the artist's extraordinary talent and unparalleled control at a breathtaking pace. With an astounding 14.1 syllables per second, NoClue navigated the intricate beat with precision, dexterity, and undeniable charisma. The song's captivating wordplay, coupled with a seamless flow and flawless enunciation, cemented NoClue's status as a true trailblazer in the fast rap genre. "New West" serves as a prime example of NoClue's unwavering commitment to pushing the limits of lyrical agility, making it an unforgettable, high-octane listening experience for rap aficionados. Gear up to learn about some of the most talented rappers who you probably haven't heard of yet, we've got an interesting group to discuss in detail.

Twisted Insane - “The Chop Shop”

Twisted Insane's extraordinary performance on "The Chop Shop" back in 2015 cemented his reputation as one of the elite fast rappers in the game. Delivering an astonishing 15.7 syllables per second, Twisted Insane showcases his incredible speed on the mic. The song's relentless tempo and aggressive beat served as the perfect canvas for his rapid-fire delivery, intricate rhyme schemes, and razor-sharp pronunciation. "The Chop Shop" stands as a testament to Twisted Insane's exceptional talent and dedication to pushing the boundaries of rap speed, earning him widespread acclaim and admiration from fans and fellow artists alike. You'll find him on any list about the fastest rappers, just like this one.

DJ Lil Sprite - "Undaground Choppers 6"

DJ Lil Sprite's jaw-dropping performance on "Undaground Choppas 6" solidifies his status as a force to be reckoned with in the realm of fast rap. Clocking in at an astounding 19.9 syllables per second, DJ Lil Sprite demonstrates unparalleled speed, precision, and breath control. His rapid-fire delivery, combined with a complex flow and razor-sharp enunciation, creates an electrifying listening experience. "Undaground Choppas 6" showcases DJ Lil Sprite's incredible talent and dedication to his craft, earning him recognition and admiration from rap enthusiasts worldwide.

Rebel XD - "Record Breaker (World's Fastest Rap)"

Rebel XD, a Chicago-based rapper, is renowned for his remarkable speed and exceptional skill in the world of fast rap. With multiple Guinness World Records under his belt, Rebel XD has consistently pushed the boundaries of lyrical dexterity. His rapid-fire delivery, coupled with intricate rhyme schemes and a relentless flow, sets him apart from his contemporaries. Rebel XD's ability to maintain clarity and precision at jaw-dropping speeds has earned him a loyal following and a respected place among the fastest rappers in the industry. Rebel XD first became well-known for his rap of 674 syllables in 54.9 seconds - 12.2 syllables per second, which was what scored this rapper the former Guinness World Record back in 1992. He kept working on his craft, and peaked in 2007 with a rap of 852 syllables in 42 seconds, which raised the stakes to 20.2 syllables per second. This was the last in series of world records that he would prove to break and re-break.

Crucified - "Power Up"

In the realm of high-speed rap, Crucified's "Power Up" stands as a truly remarkable achievement. This electrifying track features the artist unleashing a torrent of rapid-fire rhymes, leaving listeners awestruck by the sheer intensity and pace of his delivery. As one of the fastest raps ever recorded, "Power Up" showcases Crucified's exceptional talent, breathwork, and enunciation as he effortlessly spits out syllables at a mind-boggling speed. The song's pulsating beat and aggressive, high-energy production serve as the perfect backdrop for Crucified's whirlwind performance, creating an adrenaline-pumping experience that has earned the track a devoted fan base. With its blend of technical prowess and raw energy, "Power Up" is a testament to Crucified's extraordinary skills and an exhilarating example of the upper limits of rap speed. This song set a record of 28.9 syllables per second, one which is still waiting to be broken to this day.

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