13 Best Metro Boomin Songs, Ranked

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Have you ever stopped and wondered what the best Metro Boomin songs are? Metro Boomin, the mastermind behind countless chart-topping hits, has been setting the music world ablaze with his incredible production skills for years. Known for his signature trap beats and innovative soundscapes, Metro Boomin's songs have become anthems in the world of hip-hop and beyond. Join us as we count down the 13 best Metro Boomin songs, showcasing his undeniable talent and influence in the music industry.

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13. "Don't Come Out The House"

12. "Ric Flair Drip"

11. "No Heart"

10. "Chanel Vintage"

9. "10 Freaky Girls"

8. "X"

7. "Overdue"

6. "Savage Mode"

5. "Ghostface Killers"

4. "No Complaints"

3. "Bank Account"

2. "Space Cadet"

1. "Congratulations"

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