The 15 Best Timbaland Produced Songs, Ranked

Timbaland Produced Songs MOBILE II
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Timbaland-produced songs stand out from the crowd, thanks to his iconic signature sound. Working with some of the biggest stars of the 21st century is just a part of why Timbaland has grown to such prominent stature in the music business. Today, we're gonna be taking a deep-dive into Timbaland-produced songs, ranking his 15 best. Who knows, you might just come across a song you didn't know he produced. Without further ado, let's get started.

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15. "Tom Ford" (with Jay-Z)

Year Released: 2013

14. "Morning After Dark" (feat. Nelly Furtado, SoShy)

Year Released: 2009

13. "Throw It on Me" (feat. The Hives)

Year Released: 2007

12. "Say Something" (feat. Drake)

Year Released: 2010

11. "If We Ever Meet Again" (feat. Katy Perry)

Year Released: 2009

10. "Promiscuous" (with Nelly Furtado)

Year Released: 2006

9. "Scream" (with Keri Hilson and Nicole Scherzinger)

Year Released: 2007

8. "Carry Out" (feat. Justin Timberlake)

Year Released: 2009

7. "The Way I Are" (feat. Keri Hilson, D.O.E., Sebastian)

Year Released: 2007

6. "Get Ur Freak On" (with Missy Elliott)

Year Released: 2001

5. "Cry Me A River" (with Justin Timberlake)

Year Released: 2002

4. "Dirt Off Your Shoulder" (with Jay-Z)

Year Released: 2003

3. "One in a Million" (with Aaliyah)

Year Released: 1996

2. "Apologize" (with OneRepublic)

Year Released: 2007

1. "Give It to Me" (with Nelly Furtado, Justin Timberlake)

Year Released: 2007

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