The 26 Best Men's Denim Jackets to Buy in 2024: Researched and Vetted

The best Levi's denim jackets, raw denim and some great affordable options

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Levi's, Michael Kors

Denim is a classic fashion staple that will never go out of style, and in case you haven’t heard, Y2K (the era of all things denim) is making a comeback. Needless to say, now is the perfect time to start getting into your early 2000s bag, and everybody needs to have at least one denim jacket in their closets. Now you don’t need to go crazy (we don’t need you pairing your jacket with a denim hat, denim blue baggy jeans, and cowboy boots a la Justin Timberlake circa 2001), but we will suggest several that you can purchase just to spruce up your wardrobe. Ready to get your Americana style on? We've researched, vetted, and put together a guide to the best men's denim jackets you can buy just in time for the spring seasons. And while you may have to put them away briefly for the blazing hot summer, you can bust these back out as soon as the temperature cools off for fall.

From iconic models such as the Levi's Trucker Jacket ($89.50, $62.65), down to other favorites we think standout such as Michael Kors' Denim Trucker Jacket ($248) and True Religion's Jimmy Denim Jacket ($149, $89.40), we think these make for excellent denim options that you can easily rotate amongst your various different shirts and pants.

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The Best Denim Jackets, at a Glance:

1. Levi's Trucker Jacket

Screenshot 2024 02 20 at 5.18.21 PM

The Best Levi's Denim Jacket

  • Raw/washed: Washed
  • Color: Medium Stonewash

Levi's has more than a couple of denim jacket options depending upon what you are looking for and the occasion in question, and their under $75 Trucker Jacket is one of them. Made with 100% cotton denim construction, the Trucker Jacket boosts a vintage old school 1990s vibe with a nice cut and texture, has a point collar and long sleeves, along with button flap patch pockets and welt side pockets to complete the look. A simple jacket, yet one that stands out.

SHOP NOW AT LEVI'S, (Was $89.50, Now $62.65)

2. True Religion's Jimmy Denim Jacket

Screenshot 2024 02 20 at 5.26.04 PM
True Religion

The Best Classic Denim Jacket

  • Raw/washed: Washed
  • Color: Dark Wash Muddy Waters

A denim powerhouse since the early 2000s, True Religion hardly ever gets it wrong, putting an emphasis on good quality tailored jackets that are comfortable and fit well. This can be seen in their Jimmy Denim Jacket, which is durably made with cotton, clean hardware and multi tone stitching. Two side pockets accompany the jacket along with two chest packets, and a button front design tie (or buttons rather) everything all together.

SHOP NOW AT TRUE RELIGION, (Was $149, Now $89.40)

3. Michael Kors' Denim Trucker Jacket

Screenshot 2024 02 20 at 5.31.57 PM
Michael Kors

The Best Designer Denim Jacket

  • Raw/washed: Washed
  • Color: Dusk Blue

All hail Michael Kors! This Denim Trucker Jacket from the legendary fashion house hones in on a medium wash dark blue color, and is cut with 100% cotton that you already know is very comfortable if you ever worn anything Michael Kors. Featuring the standard button fastening and sturdy stitching, the Denim Trucker Jacket requires a $248 investment, but seeing as though you are getting a quality jacket you can bank on lasting in the future—the price is one that's very much worth it.


4. Lee 101 Rider Jacket

112317593 HERO
  • Raw/washed: Raw
  • Color: Original Blue

For jeans, raw denim is a bit of an undertaking. And it's no different when it comes to a good raw denim jacket. While the washed options on this list will arrive already comfortable, this entry from Lee will take a while to break in. Once broken in, there's nothing quite like the customized comfort of a well-worn raw denim garment. This option from Lee is comprised of selvedge fabric from the Kurabo Mill in Japan, and features design inspired by the brand's original rendition of the jacket back in 1948. As with all raw denim, make sure to machine wash the jacket on cold—and really avoid washing it as much as possible.

shop now at lee, $330

5. Wrangler Western Sherpa Lined Denim Trucker Jacket

Screenshot 2024 02 20 at 5.53.08 PM

The Best Affordable Denim Jacket

  • Raw/washed: Washed
  • Color: Hunter

Wrangler is another place where you can find a plethora of denim jackets, and their Western Sherpa-Lined Denim Jacket is a fan-favorite of the brand. Embodying Americana fashion to the fullest, a standard spread collar, long sleeves and button front closure accompanies this Western Denim Jacket, which is crafted with 100 cotton. Light enough to wear when it's warm out, and warm enough to wear on days where it's chilly—best of both worlds!

SHOP NOW AT WRANGLER, (Was $84.99, Now $44.97)

6. H&M Regular Fit Denim Overshirt

Screenshot 2024 02 20 at 6.44.48 PM
  • Raw/washed: Washed
  • Color: Denim Blue

H&M presents a handful of cost-efficient and stylish denim jackets, and we're personally fond of this Regular Fit Denim Overshirt from the brand, which is something of a cross between an oversized shirt and a denim jacket. Cut with cotton, H&M gives you a zipper at the front, open patch chest pockets, and open patch front pockets to work with. Throw in the button cuffs, and you've got yourself a might nice denim jacket for under $75.

SHOP NOW AT H&M, $67.99

7. GAP Icon Denim Jacket

Screenshot 2024 02 20 at 6.52.23 PM
  • Raw/washed: Washed
  • Color: Dark Indigo

Here we have another nice denim jacket from GAP that isn’t pricey (it's now under $60). Made with GAP's exclusive 1969 denim, the fit is nice and form fitting, but not too tight to the point where your movements are restricted either. That, our friends, is courtesy of the GapFlex technology built into the jacket that adds stretch and flexibility. Definitely a ton of layering potential with this one.

SHOP NOW AT GAP, (Was $89.95, Now $59.99)

8. Zara Jacquard Denim Jacket

Screenshot 2024 02 20 at 6.56.13 PM
  • Raw/washed: Washed
  • Color: Blue

You can almost always find what you are looking for fashion wise on Zara, and from our personal experience, the quality is bar none per usual. Featuring an outer shell made with 50 % RCS-certified recycled cotton, the Jacquard Denim Jacket is mixture of couture and standard everyday streetwear with its oversized fit and general suave look. You've got the button flaps and closures that typically come with denim jackets, and best of all, the Jacquard Denim is sustainably-made, giving it bonus points in our book.


9. Alex Mill Britt Work Jacket in Denim

Screenshot 2024 02 20 at 7.03.21 PM
Alex Mill
  • Raw/washed: Washed
  • Color: Denim

This unisex denim jacket from Alex Mill offers a comfortable streamlined fit that is a banger in our honest opinion. A jacket that is great for numerous reasons: the Britt Denim Work Jacket is vintage made with a few modern updates thrown in the mix. Made with a 100% non-stretch denim that in turn gives you a slim silhouette, you also get a set of front patch pockets and an interior chest pocket to work with. All for $225—and the quality is good enough to pass down. We'll take it!


10. Wrangler Rugged Denim Jacket

Screenshot 2024 02 20 at 7.09.29 PM
  • Raw/washed: Washed
  • Color: Vintage Indigo

Yes we've previously included a Wrangler Jacket on this list, but it wasn't the Rugged Wear Unlined Denim Jacket. Built with a resilient denim designed to withstand some tougher weather conditions, this jacket is about as tough and durable as a denim jacket can be when it comes to overall construction and fabric. Once it's fully broken in, you'll be able to move around seamlessly to the point where it almost feels like you aren't a jacket at all, and the layering potential is noteworthy as you can pair it underneath a heavier winter coat when it's cold, or rock it by itself when it's warm. Not a bad under $50 buy at all.


11. Madewell Denim Boxy Shirt-Jacket

Screenshot 2024 02 20 at 7.16.44 PM
  • Raw/washed: Washed
  • Color: Lockheart Wash

Crafted with cotton and designed to layer over a hoodie, Madewell's Denim Boxy Shirt Jacket features a laid back trucker style complete with deep interior pockets and comfortable denim. While the upper part of the jacket has a more tailored fit, the sleeves are loose, which is a good bonus for those hot summer months when you want a nice denim look, but not necessarily an outfit that is going to “stick” to you when it's hot and icky. You can cop for $138.


12. AllSaints Solar Washed Denim Jacket

Screenshot 2024 02 20 at 7.20.45 PM
  • Raw/washed: Washed
  • Color: Washed Indigo

Sometimes, ya know, you want a jacket that looks and feels like a shirt, but is still technically a jacket, and AllSaints has you covered with their organic cotton-made button down denim shirt jacket. Reasonably priced at just a little over $100 with great quality, you could rock this to work, an event, or even a date night. We also have to say the shirt jacket is ultra cozy—major compliments to the chef.

SHOP NOW AT ALLSAINTS, (Was $139, Now $111.20)

13. Gucci Denim Eco-Washed Jacket

Screen Shot 2021 07 30 at 12.55.08 PM
  • Raw/washed: Washed
  • Color: Dark Blue and Ivory

Time to dive into the luxury side of things. This Eco-Washed Organic Denim Jacket features the embellished Gucci sartorial label “quelle qu’en soit la saison” which translates to “Gucci whatever the season” (super appropriate when it comes to Gucci as a whole). The leather trim and buttons are an eye-catching feature, and the flap and besom pockets are super helpful should you need to store something smaller. Yeah you're spending almost 3K, but it's Gucci so you're it's all good. We give you permission.


14. Prada Denim Blouson Jacket

Screenshot 2024 02 20 at 7.30.19 PM
  • Raw/washed: Washed
  • Color: Light Blue

We also give you permission to indulge in this this Light Blue Denim Blouson Jacket, which is a mighty fine luxury shirt jacket designed with a pointed collar, front button fastening, front flap pockets, front pockets and long sleeves that gives it (and you) a casual yet cutting edge look. At this point in the game, Prada's pedigree is more than proven, so if you invest they take care of the rest.


15. Tommy Hilfiger Dark Wash Denim Jacket

Screenshot 2024 02 20 at 7.35.00 PM
Tommy Hilfiger
  • Raw/washed: Washed
  • Color: Banks Blue

Come on now fashion killas. It’s Tommy Hilfiger! The semi-originator of all things denim. Tommy Hilfiger has had different variations of denim jackets through the decades, but if you are looking for a relatively inexpensive piece to pick up now, you should definitely consider their Dark Wash Indigo Jacket as it checks every single box a denim jacket is supposed to as far as quality and construction, and can be worn during year-round. One of the true innovators of Americana fashion, this is a hard jacket to walk away from.


16. Off-White Men's Arrow Zipper-Trim Denim Jacket

Screenshot 2024 02 20 at 7.39.50 PM
Neiman Marcus
  • Raw/washed: Washed
  • Color: Black

You certainly can’t talk about luxury without mentioning Off-White, and since we’re talking about thee Off-White, how about their Men's Arrow Zipper-Trim Denim Jacket for starters? Decked out with a sleek denim that still catches the eye, this jacket is a thick denim streetwear statement that blends together sidewalk fashion and couture in a way that only Off-White can. The dyed fabric makes the Arrow Zipper-Trim Denim look like the freshest thing you've ever seen, and that's why it's worth every penny of that $1,305 price tag.


18. Uniqlo Utility Denim Jacket

Screenshot 2024 02 20 at 7.51.10 PM
  • Raw/washed: Washed
  • Color: Blue

If you really want to dial up the vintage the notch, this oversized Utility Jacket from Uniqlo gives late 1980s/1990s vibes to the fullest. An under $50 buy, the simplicity of this jacket is one that makes it to wear you can style/pair easily, and the comfort box is checked as well with its 100% cotton indigo denim. Giving you a relaxed fit, the Utility Jacket also comes with three slightly oversized pockets that you can definitely put to good use in terms of storage.


19. G-Star Denim Jacket 3301

Screen Shot 2021 07 30 at 1.14.25 PM
  • Raw/washed: Washed
  • Color: Faded Stone

This Slim Denim 3301 Jacket courtesy of G-Star is a nicely constructed denim jacket that features a flat collar, long sleeves, a reinforced panel design, and Western chest pockets to give that high-quality completion you look for when it comes to a solid denim jacket. Make no mistake, this $100 jacket is a clean look and fit that can be dressed up or down depending on where you are going.

SHOP NOW AT G-STAR, (Was $120, Now $108)

20. Ralph Lauren Faded Denim Trucker Jacket

Screenshot 2024 02 20 at 8.08.37 PM
Ralph Lauren
  • Raw/washed: Washed
  • Color: Trenton

Oh we can't forget the mighty Ralph Lauren either! Might we suggest their Faded Denim Trucker Jacket as the latest addition to your wardrobe? The point collar gives this jacket a sophisticated look, whereas the neutral color gives the jacket a versatility that throws back to the 80/90s era of RL. There's two chest pockets and adjustable buttoned tabs at the back waist as additional details to take note of, making the Faded Denim Trucker Jacket a practical one.


21. Tom Ford Denim Jacket

Screen Shot 2021 07 30 at 1.22.12 PM
Mr. Porter
  • Raw/washed: Washed
  • Color: Blue, Navy, Stone

Yes we're back to the luxury department once more, but it's warranted because at some point you have to snag a Tom Ford piece...right? Might as well start with this stunning Iconic Denim Jacket from the brand, which feels and looks super fresh cotton construction. The stretch factor comes in with the 1% elastane that's built into the jacket which is just enough to give you reasonable room to work with. Just fasten those buttons and you're good to go.


22. Acne Studios Regular Fit Denim Jacket

Screenshot 2024 02 20 at 8.21.21 PM
Acne Studios
  • Raw/washed: Washed
  • Color: Mid-Blue

We aren’t kidding when we say denim has durability. If taken care of properly, a denim jacket can last for decades, and since fashion recycles itself in a way, then it’s not a bad idea at all to invest your hard earned bucks for a jacket that's worth it. Fellas, the Regular Fit Denim Jacket is one that is worth it. Elegantly made with organically grown cotton, elongated sleeves and a hem that's slightly tapered, you'll be the flyest gentleman in the room once you put this on.


23. The Row Denim Jacket

Screenshot 2024 02 20 at 8.26.50 PM
Saks Fifth Avenue
  • Raw/washed: Washed
  • Color: Indigo

The detailed craftsmanship is one of the many things that separates The Row from other brands, as demonstrated by this cotton-made Oversized Denim Jacket which has a rugged look definitely from the others mentioned so far on this last, but still very much a style that is western. The brass buttons are a standout feature, along with the rich indigo denim wash color and spread collar as the finisher. Once again, the craftsmanship here is something to behold.


24. Todd Snyder Selvedge Denim Jacket

Screenshot 2024 02 20 at 8.34.06 PM
Todd Synder
  • Raw/washed: Washed
  • Color: Worn Wash

A vintage classic that gives you that 1990s feel, the Selvedge Denim Jacket sports a retro faded look, but still very much manages to appear 2020s modern. Aside from the cotton selvedge denim construction, other features include: two chest flap pockets, a locker loop, and genuine shank buttons, and side tabs if you need. What was once nearly $300 is now only about $100, so you'd be remiss not to take advantage of this current deal.

SHOP NOW AT TODD SNYDER, (Was $298, Now $94)

25. Sandro x Wrangler Faded Jacket

Screenshot 2024 02 20 at 8.40.55 PM
  • Raw/washed: Washed
  • Color: Light Blue

This Washed Jacket from Sandro and Wrangler hits all the marks as it's inspired by 1960s western styling. A slightly faded jacket is always extra style points four, and this jacket has a tough built-in fabric that makes the denim extra durable. You can wear it open or utilize the buttons—it's up to you. You can also layer it underneath a heavier coat/jacket or wear it by itself—that's up to you too.

SHOP NOW SANDRO, (Was $395, Now $197.50)

26. RRL Lot-271 Denim Trucker Jacket

Screenshot 2024 02 20 at 5.47.43 PM

  • Raw/washed: Washed
  • Color: Worn-In Black Wash

You’ve probably heard us mention RRL at some point before, and gents we’re about to mention them again with Lot-271 Denim Trucker Jacket. Now this right jacket right here is a sturdy heavy duty jacket that plays no games. A vintage-inspired piece built from 13.6 oz. black denim, the Lot-271 Jacket is one that fits perfectly round the arm and shoulder area, giving you some compliments to those guns you've been working hard for in the gym. Priced at $290, this is a jacket that gets better with age and time.


Things to consider when shopping for men's denim jackets:

Here are some things to keep in mind when purchasing a denim jacket:

Material: Most of the time denim jackets are going to be made with cotton or just straight denim so you won't have to worry when it comes to the overall material of the jacket you're looking at because you know what to expect. Sometimes denim jackets will be lined with a material like sherpa in case you're looking for something to wear in the winter, but that's only with select jackets.

Fit: Denim jackets come in all shapes and sizes, so the fit is something you have to determine for yourself as some are a perfect/regular fit, some are made to be oversized, and others are made to be a slim-fit. Most of the time you can find this information in the description of the product you're looking at, but you can always turn to the reviews to see how the jacket in question has worked for other buyers.

Weight: You'll also want to check and see the weight of the denim used in the jacket you are looking at. A good percentage of the time, the material used in denim jackets is a mixture of cotton and denim, but if there's extra denim added (or the jacket is made with denim entirely), you can find this information in the description of the jacket as well.

Raw vs. washed: The only real difference between raw and washed jeans is the overall process in the creation of the two. Washed denim gets rinsed through water after it's been dried, whereas raw denim does not. That means raw denim is generally much stiffer than denim that has been washed. Some people prefer raw denim as they like to break jackets in themselves, but if this isn't your preference then you should definitely opt for denim that's washed.

Pockets: Almost every denim jacket includes pockets, so that's something you won't have to worry about. However, if you are looking for specific pocket types such as buttoned or zipped, then you'll want to keep that mind as you're shopping as well.

How we reviewed the best men's denim jackets:

Our process of selecting the best men's denim jackets came from hours of research and scouring through user reviews to see what the best and most highly rated jackets were on the internet. We also took into consideration our own personal experiences as we've had the opportunity of working with and testing the products of quite a few brands on this list, so we kept that in mind when selecting as well. Our main point of research, however, were the reviews as we only wanted to include jackets that were durable, high-quality, and full of longevity.

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