The 14 Best Places to Buy Vintage T-Shirts, According to Style Editors

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Twofold Vintage

Ain't nothing like getting that brand new old shirt. If you're anything like myself (which you probably are if you're reading this article), then collecting vintage t-shirts is a passion of yours. It's hard to put into words the feeling that comes over you when you finally get that authentic 1987 Guns N' Roses t-shirt you've wanted forever, that Slippery When Wet Bon Jovi tee you've been eyeing for the last five years, that vintage Metallica shirt your mother wore to one of their concerts that she refuses to part ways with, or that coveted Victory Tour t-shirt from The Jacksons that you couldn't actually get in 1984 because you weren't even a concept let alone born yet.

There's no feeling in the world quite like these decades-old tees with slightly fading graphics that's an indicator of their true authenticity. Regardless of what level of fandom you personally consider yourself to be in when it comes to collecting, there's no harm in updating your list with new shopping places to check out. So we've put together a guide on the best places to buy vintage t-shirts according to style editors.

Whether it's a website like Grailed that has just about any and everything you can imagine in their catalog, or place like Twofold Vintage that carries rare vintage t-shirts you didn't even know existed, these sites help with cutting back the hassle of unsuccessfully shop hopping for months or even years. Once you get your desired shirt, pair it with some oversized baggy jeans and retro Vans/Converse's, and you'll instantly be channeling your inner Kurt Cobain.

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The Best Places to Buy Vintage T-Shirts:

1. Grailed

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The Best Place for Collectors

Whether it's an old school luxury t-shirt from designer brands, or a classic tee given out with the launch of a 2000s video game, Grailed is one of the biggest online retailers in the world, and one of the best places to go if you're looking for rare vintage t-shirts from all categories. Officially launched in 2014 as a peer-to-peer service, the Grailed team personally evaluates every item put on their website, so rest assured that you won't be getting any kind of fake/knockoff vintage t-shirt whatsoever. I've also personally gotten some of my vintage t-shirts from Grailed, and can vouch that it's a great place to go for all of your vintage needs.


2. Twofold Vintage

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Twofold Vintage

The Best Place for Rare T-Shirts

If heaven is a place on Earth, I would like to personally nominate Two Fold. Loaded with tons of one-of-a-kind finds, depending on when you're browsing through the website, you get a mixture of iconic rock 'n' roll tees, a few sports t-shirts that were released during the 70s/80s, several blank tees from the 2000s that have that 2000s comfort and quality that's heavily missed, and plenty (and we do mean plenty) more. Majority of Two Fold's offerings are what they personally describe as "curated 50s-70s Americana." If that's you're style, there's more than enough available for you to choose from.


3. Ellie Mae

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Ellie Mae

The Best Place for Avid Vintage Followers

While you might already be familiar with Ellie May in regards to their ready-to-wear avant garde clothing, what you may not have known about the brand is that they also have a section specifically dedicated to vintage clothing. While not as vast of a catalog, there are some gems in there such as the Vintage 1988 Led Zeppelin Led Zeppelin House of the Holy T-Shirt pictured above ($675), their 1978 Vintage Rolling Stones Tour T-Shirt ($800), and multiple others that any and every vintage fan should check out. Believe us when we say that Ellie Mae is the real deal folks.


4. Etsy

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The Best Place for the Shirt You've Been Searching for

Etsy? Yes, Etsy. While you may automatically think of Etsy as the place to get home goods, memorabilia, or even just regular non-vintage finds, we've got some good news for you—Etsy also has quite a few vintage tees in their catalog too. Now you may have to scope out and do a little bit of authenticating yourself to see what's actually a real vintage t-shirt and what's a "bootleg throwback 2000s Rap tee," but the effort is worth it considering what you can end up finding.


5. WyCo Vintage

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WyCo Vintage

The Best Place for Band T-Shirts

If it's vintage band tees you've been on the hunt for, WyCo Vintage is thee spot to shop at. Loaded with a comprehensive catalog of t-shirts from pretty much every rock band that hit the scene in the 20th century and into the early 2000s, the selection of vintage t-shirts offered along with their respective backstories are fascinating. Take this 1979 Tom Petty Damn The Torpedoes Tour Shirt pictured above—it's an original shirt from the actual tour itself. Concert tees from bands are some of the hardest to stumble upon, but if there's any place you're guaranteed to find an authentic one at, it's WyCo Vintage.


6. Select Vintage BK

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Select Vintage BK

Your Local NYC Thrift Store

If you're in Brooklyn/New York and can check out the Select Vintage VK retail location in person—consider yourselves lucky. If not, the next best option is visiting the Select Vintage BK website which curates loads of styles (especially in sports) from the 80s, 90s, and 2000s. The t-shirt selection alone has 84 pages, so be prepared to be scrolling for a good minute.


7. Beyond Retro

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Beyond Retro

Your Local UK Thrift Store

Since Beyond Retro includes products from the 2010s as a part of their vintage lineup, the search for finding retro tees from the 2000s and above can be slightly more of a difficult task, but that's exactly what thrift store shopping is about right? The same way you have to sift through racks to find what you in-person, you've got to do the same thing online. The finds, however, are more than worth it once you get what you want.


8. Moth Food

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Moth Food

The Best Place for 1960s Shirts

Retro Americana pieces are what defines the Moth Food brand, which was founded by Tommy Dorr in 2015. Prior to launching Moth Food, Dorr owned and operated a vintage shop called Lost and Found Vintage in Royal Oak, MI, and has been buying and selling vintage full-time since 2000. Mr. Dorr knows a classic vintage staple when he sees one, and it's that very knowledge and experience that now makes up the Moth Food company.


9. Vintage Sports Fashion

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Vintage Sports Fashion

The Best Place for Sports T-Shirts

Finding authentic vintage sports shirts can be hard, but few websites do it better than Vintage Sports Fashion. From the NFL and NBA all the way to rugby and hockey, the site regularly updates with new styles that are considered rare collectors items, like the Benfica 1997-1998 Third Shirt pictured above. Vintage Sports Fashion's overall curation is one to be applauded, and should be added onto the list of any vintage sports apparel fan.


10. Go Thrift

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Go Thrift

Another Great Thrift Shop

It would be good to keep up with everything Go Thrift is offering because their site is also one that updates pretty much daily. Again, you'll have to do some sifting because modern t-shirts are thrown in the mix along with their vintage tees, but the finds can be incredible once you get down to the nitty gritty of their retro offerings.


11. Junk Food Clothing

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Junk Food Clothing

The Best Place for Concert T-Shirts

Founded in 1998 and based in Los Angeles, Junk Food Clothing is known for its colorful aesthetic and dedication to all things vintage—especially when it comes to t-shirts. If you're a rock head, in particular, you can count on them for having thrashed out old school shirts from all the legendary acts whether it's Pink Floyd and Zeppelin, or Grateful Dead and AC/DC.


12. Intramural

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The Best Place for Affordability

It's no secret that vintage t-shirt shopping is a costly habit that can sometimes take you into the thousands. However, there are places you can go to, such as Intramural, where you can get some of the goods you're looking for without spending more than $100. While you'll have to do a bit of searching, you'll actually be surprised what kinds of vintage tees you can find on the Intramural website (and the price you're getting it for of course). Even if the brand doesn't necessarily have what you're looking for at the moment, they too are a company that frequently updates their inventory, so it's always worth coming back and checking to see what they have from time to time.


13. Kissing Booth

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Kissing Booth

The Best Place for Punk T-Shirt

Are your parents refusing to part ways with the souvenir tees they bought on the family trip to Florida twenty years ago? Consider Kissing Booth your next best bet for trying to find something similar. While vintage t-shirt aren't the main focus of what they offer in their catalog, what you will find are a bunch of off-the-radar tees from the 60s/70s/80s that are also very punk within their overall design, cut, and styling. Iconic, faded, washed out, and even a little bit dirty—the good stuff.


14. Sweet Vintage

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Sweet Vintage

The Best Place for Shirts in Different Decades

Sweet Vintage has some of the hard-to-find archival vintage t-shirts on the market, making them high in demand. Those elusive tees you've been dying to get your hands on? Sweet Vintage is bound to have it at some point. The concert t-shirt you regret not picking up at the venue? Sweet Vintage just may have it. Filled to the brim with hole-in-the-wall retro tees, Sweet Vintage brings the fun and the rare exclusives.


FAQs about vintage tees:

Here are some frequently asked questions about vintage tees:

Where can I find vintage tees?

You can find vintage t-shirts at all of the places we've listed above. While our list has a lot of the vintage shops you can find on the internet, this isn't a comprehensive list of every brand out there so there's definitely more to choose from when you search the web. Additionally, you can almost always find a range of vintage tees at your local thrift shops.

Why are vintage tees so expensive?

While vintage tees do fall under the fashion category, their price tag is so high because they are essentially considered a rare collectors item (some people that collect vintage tees don't even wear them at all). These are shirts that were developed and produced in specific decades, meaning they have possess the quality and fabric of the clothes from those specific eras. And while they can be duplicated, the original can never be made again because they are a product of a certain time period. Take a specific concert that happened in the 70s for example. That concert will never happen again, so the t-shirts that came from those concerts are rare valuables, and that's why the price is so expensive.

Are vintage t-shirts in style in 2024?

Considering retro streetwear as a whole is a current trend happening in 2024 (check out our article on it here), vintage t-shirts are definitely in style because they fit right in with the current trends and themes. Also, there will always be a certain sector of the public that's interested in vintage clothing, so for that reason alone vintage t-shirts will never go out of style regardless of the year in question.

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