The 7 Best Doja Cat Twitter Moments to Ever Unfold

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When it comes to Doja Cat Twitter moments, there are plenty to go around. Doja Cat, the chart-topping queen of pop, is not just known for her infectious music and stunning visuals. With a Twitter game as strong as her vocals, Doja Cat never fails to entertain her fans with witty banter, hilarious comebacks, and out-of-the-box ideas. From viral memes to engaging with fans, let's dive into the top 7 Doja Cat Twitter moments that we couldn’t get out of our heads if we tried. Note: Doja Cat deleted all of her tweets in June 2023, so we're not able to include links to the original posts.

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7. "Moo" Takes Twitter by Storm

Date: July 2018

Remember the time when Doja Cat embraced her bovine alter ego? In an unexpected turn of events, she dropped a music video for "Moo," featuring herself dressed as a cow, rapping about milkshakes and cows saying "moo." This audacious move turned the internet upside down, earning Doja Cat a legion of new fans who couldn't resist her quirky charm.

6. Playfully Teasing Fans about Collabs

Date: March 2019

Doja Cat knows how to keep her fans on the edge of their seats. In March 2019, she took to Twitter to drop a series of cryptic tweets teasing potential collaborations with other artists. From Taylor Swift to Kendrick Lamar, she playfully fueled speculation, leaving fans scrambling to decipher the hidden meanings. Although the collabs didn't materialize, it showcased Doja Cat's playful side and ability to stir excitement among her followers.

5. Catfight with Spider-Man

Date: April 2020

Who says celebrities can't engage in lighthearted spats with fictional characters? Doja Cat hilariously found herself embroiled in a Twitter feud with none other than Spider-Man himself. It all started with a tweet from a fan asking who would win in a fight between the two. Doja Cat playfully responded, declaring herself the victor with the hilarious hashtag #SpiderCat. This amusing exchange delighted fans and proved that Doja Cat can bring her wit to any conversation.

4. Doja Cat's Fashion Disaster Confession

Date: June 2021

In June 2021, Doja Cat owned up to her fashion faux pas on Twitter. She shared a childhood photo wearing mismatched shoes, admitting that even as a youngster, her sense of style was unconventional. Fans couldn't help but laugh along and appreciate her ability to embrace her unique quirks. This candid moment showcased her authenticity and further strengthened the bond with her fanbase.

3. The Infamous "Say So" Hair Mishap

Date: July 2022

Doja Cat's iconic music video for "Say So" features her signature retro style. However, in July 2022, she revealed on Twitter that her luscious hair was, in fact, a wig in the video! Fans were left shook, with some expressing disbelief that they had been living a hair-related lie. Doja Cat's ability to keep secrets under her extravagant wigs surely left fans feeling both amused and enlightened.

2. Bestie Bonding with SZA

Date: November 2022

In November 2022, Doja Cat showcased her fantastic sense of humor while engaging with her good friend and fellow artist, SZA. The duo playfully exchanged hilarious tweets, declaring their love for one another and even joking about creating a duet called "Boba B*tches." The Twitterverse erupted with laughter, witnessing their delightful camaraderie and longing for a collaboration between the talented pair.

1. Trolling the Trolls

Date: March 2023

Doja Cat's epic clapback game hit its peak in March 2023 when she unleashed her savage wit on Twitter trolls. Responding to a hateful comment about her music, she cleverly replied, "If my music isn't your cup of tea, then just remember that some people like their tea with a dash of rat poison. To each their own, right?" This epic clapback not only shut down the troll but also had fans applauding her fearless attitude and quick thinking. Doja Cat's ability to turn negativity into humor solidified her status as the reigning queen of Twitter comebacks.

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