The 10 Best Rappers From St Louis, Ranked

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Rappers from St Louis can be overlooked at times, but for no good reason. If you haven't already noticed, the city is a hotspot for some of the most memorable talent in the hip-hop game. The vibrant city of St. Louis has a rich musical heritage, having given the world a multitude of renowned artists across various genres. When it comes to hip-hop, the Gateway City has introduced some stellar talent over the years. Rappers from St Louis have a unique flavor and style, mirroring the eclectic culture and history of this city. They have not only dominated the local scene but have also made a significant mark on the global stage. Let’s delve into the crème de la crème of the hip-hop scene from the heartland of America. Here’s our curated list of the top 10 rappers from St Louis, each with a distinctive essence that sets them apart.

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10. Jibbs

Top Song: "Chain Hang Low"

9. Chingy

Top Song: "Right Thurr"

8. Murphy Lee

Top Song: "Wat Da Hook Gon Be"

7. J-Kwon

Top Song: "Tipsy"

6. Big Boss Vette

Top Song: "Pretty Girls Walk"

5. Huey

Top Song: "Pop, Lock, and Drop It"

4. Sexy Redd

Top Song: "SkeeYee"

3. Akon

Top Song: "Smack That" (feat. Eminem)

2. Smino

Top Song: "Amphetamine"

1. Nelly

Top Song: "Dilemma" (feat. Kelly Rowland)

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