Missy Elliott Blvd and 12 Other Streets Named After Rappers

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There are plenty of streets around the world that are named after famous musicians, so it shouldn’t be surprising to learn that several of those streets are named after rap stars. There are rappers that are so G.O.A.T.-ed that their names will live on long after they're gone. Missy Elliott is an example. In 2022, Missy Elliott Blvd was introduced in her hometown. A number of other rappers have also had streets named after them as evidence of their greatness

In recent years, a number of rappers have had streets named after them. There aren't a ton of rappers with this exclusive accomplishment, however. Of course, this select group doesn’t consist of average rappers. Instead, they are some of the most influential and important hip-hop artists of all time. And not just because of their music, but also due to their impact outside of music. 

Many people may not even realize that some of their favorite rappers have streets renamed in their honor. Having a street named after you is a huge feat and a sign of respect and recognition. It's a way for cities, towns and public officials to show support for local artists that have achieved national success. The gesture offers a permanent way to remember and celebrate an artist’s legacy. By honoring rappers in this way, the powers that be are not only acknowledging the significant impact that they have had on music and culture, but also paying tribute to the important role that they play in their community. 

There's no denying that these rap stars have had a profound impact on both their local communities and the hip-hop world at large. They’ve joined the ranks of other music icons, including Prince, Michael Jackson and Tina Turner, who have had streets renamed in their honor. 

Here’s a look at the hip-hop icons who have changed the game and changed the name of streets. Here are 12 streets other than Missy Elliott Blvd named after rappers.

13. Tupac Shakur Way

12. Too $hort Way

11. E-40 Way

10. Run-DMC JMJ Way 

9. Adam Yauch Park 

8. Malik “Phife Dawg” Taylor Way

7. Scott La Rock Boulevard

6. Christopher “Notorious B.I.G.” Wallace Way 

5. Wu-Tang Clan District 

4. Big Pun Plaza


2. Lamont ‘Big L’ Coleman Way 

1. Missy Elliott Blvd 

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