10 Music Memes That Live in Our Heads Rent-Free

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Snoop Dogg

Music memes are some of the greatest memes out there. What's better than our favorite artists embellishing an already-funny moment? From Jay-Z to DJ Khaled, and all artists in between, there are countless hilarious references worth pointing out. Today we'll be ranking the top ten music memes for you, so you can revel in the sheer hilarity of them all.

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10. Kendrick Lamar's 'DAMN.' Cover

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Kendrick Lamar

To kick off our list of music memes, we've got a memorable one from Kendrick Lamar. This meme is perfect when you've encountered a moment that just makes you say "damn."

9. Jay-Z Oops Expression


This Jay-Z gif is a forever classic. When someone says or shows something that they probably shouldn't have - that's your golden opportunity to break this gem out of the arsenal and watch the laughter unfold.

8. Officer Kenny Beats

music memes qrm32w25d2531

On the heels of his massive internet success in music, it was only right that Kenny Beats' cult-like fanbase would childishly prod at him in ways to make him uncomfortable. This depiction of him as a police officer, Officer Kenny Beats, is the best example to show. It's perfectly indicative of the weird relationship he continues to have with his fanbase - and vice versa.

7. Kanye's Blank Stare

music memes cover2

When you come across something that you don't quite know how to react to, there's no better time to break out this golden meme of Kanye West's blank stare. The picture says it all.

6. Snoop Dogg Looking Disappointed

music memes XPYi43MgMJzaIlhK
Snoop Dogg / Reddit

When you're browsing your favorite social media platforms, you're bound to come across some things that leave you feeling a little horrified. Well, if you're inclined to respond with a meme, then look no further than this Snoop Dogg one.

5. Meek Mill Shush

Meek Mill

At the number 5 spot on our list, we have one of the most classic music memes ever: Meek Mill shushing. This is a great one to break out when somebody is talking too much, or saying something you think they might eventually regret.

4. Rick Ross Satisfied

Rick Ross

After taking a bite of something that must've been utterly delicious, Rick Ross recorded himself making this face - which would soon become one of the most memorable music memes of all time. Use this when a post is leaving you feeling particularly satisfied.

3. Drake Hotline Bling Yes/No

music memes 7rozbe

At the number three spot on our list of music memes is this all time favorite: Drake's yes/no format from his "Hotline Bling" music video. When you want to express disproval and approval of two different options at the same time, here's the perfect format for you.

2. DJ Khaled Saying "Another One"


DJ Khaled in many ways is a walking meme - and that's no diss; the Miami hip-hop star has embraced that very notion from the early days of Snapchat, and it's served him (and his pockets) very well. This meme is an absolute banger, and somehow never gets old.

1. Jay-Z Head Bobbing


At the number one spot on our list of music memes is an all-time classic, one that is both positive and hilarious at the same time: Jay-Z head bobbing. This can be found all over Twitter and Instagram replies, indicating a satisfaction with the posted content.

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