8 Musicians Who Started Late and Still Succeeded

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Have you ever wondered if any there are any musicians who started late and still succeeded? If so, keep reading. Embarking on a musical career can often seem like a path reserved for the young, bursting onto the scene with youthful energy and time on their side. However, the narrative that you need to start young to achieve musical success is frequently challenged by a remarkable group of musicians who started late, proving that passion and talent can defy age constraints. These eight artists, each with their own unique journey, highlight the diverse paths to success in the music industry and serve as a beacon of hope for late bloomers everywhere. Their stories are a testament to the idea that it's never too late to follow your dreams, and sometimes, a late start can bring a depth and richness to music that only life experience can provide.

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8. Thelma Houston

7. Susan Boyle

6. Charles Bradley

5. Andrea Bocelli

4. Sheryl Crow

3. Leonard Cohen

2. 2 Chainz

1. Bill Withers

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