8 New Hip Hop Albums You Need to Hear

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In the relatively small amount of time since the year started, we've been blessed with some fire new hip hop albums. Artists like 21 Savage and Teezo Touchdown decided to kick off the year properly with ever-memorable projects, and if you haven't listened yet, we're about to change that. Without further ado, let's kick off our list of the best new hip hop albums that any sensible rap fan should be in tune with.

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8. TiaCorine - 'Almost There'

7. YN Jay and Louie Ray - 'The Scouts 2'

6. Kid Cudi - 'Insano'

5. Nicholas Craven and Boldy James - 'Penalty of Leadership'

4. Teezo Touchdown - 'How Do You Sleep At Night? With You'

3. Benny the Butcher - 'Everybody Can't Go'

2. 21 Savage - 'American Dream'

1. Lyrical Lemonade - 'All Is Yellow'

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