Which Lil Durk Album is the Best Lil Durk Album?

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Lil Durk started from the bottom and now he’s at the top of the rap world. The Chicago native has been grinding all of his life and is definitely reaping the benefits. As he’s steadily climbed the ranks of the hip-hop world, he’s built an impressive discography with his uniquely melodic style, introspective lyrics and hard-hitting production. The latest Lil Durk album, Almost Healed peaked at No. 2 on the Billboard 200, with the highest first week record sales of his lengthy career. The former XXL Freshman has been a major force in part due to his catalog. Lil Durk has blessed us with bangers and standout tracks like "Dis Ain't What U Want," the infectious, DeJ Loaf-assisted "My Beyoncé" and his first No. 1 on the Hot 100, “All My Life” featuring J. Cole. He has countless mixtapes; several collaborative projects with the likes of Lil Baby, Lil Reese and Tee Grizzley; a few compilations and eight studio albums under his belt. Each album in his repertoire offers a distinct vibe, highlighting different facets of his musical talent. Here, ONE37pm runs down the best Lil Durk albums to see which one is the best Lil Durk album.

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8. 'Lil Durk 2x'

Year Released: 2016

Singles: "My Beyoncé," "She Just Wanna," "Money Walk" and "True"

Kicking off our list in proper fashion, Lil Durk 2X presents Durk at his most versatile. The album explores a range of styles, from energetic party anthems to introspective ballads. It's a testament to Durk's musical prowess, showing he isn't afraid to push boundaries.

7. 'Signed to the Streets 3'

Year Released: 2018

Singles: "Spin the Block," "Downfall" and "Rockstar"

Signed to the Streets 3 is next up on our list at the number 7 spot. Lil Durk hits his stride in this project, demonstrating his deft lyricism paired with catchy melodies. It’s a testament to his artistic growth, marking a pivotal point in his career.

6. 'Remember My Name'

Year Released: 2015

Singles: "Like Me"

At number 6 on our list is Lil Durk's major-label debut (OTF, Def Jam), Remember My Name. This album encapsulates Durk's unique musical style and his gritty, honest storytelling. It's where Durk truly came into his own, blending his raw talent with polished production to create a compelling album that remains a fan favorite.

5. 'Love Songs 4 The Streets 2'

Year Released: 2019

Singles: "Like That," "Bougie," "Green Light" and "Extravagant"

Next up on our list at number five is Love Songs 4 The Streets 2. This album sees Durk delve deep into his feelings, marrying his characteristic street-savvy rhymes with surprising vulnerability. The result is a captivating mix of tough and tender, which leaves a lasting impression on listeners.

4. 'Just Cause Y'all Waited 2'

Year Released: 2020

Singles: "Turn Myself In," "Chiraq Demons," "All Love," "Viral Moment," "3 Headed Goat" and "Gucci Gucci"

At the fourth spot on our list, Just Cause Y'all Waited 2, is a testament to Lil Durk's musical versatility. Blending introspective lyrics with infectious beats, Durk crafts an album that's as thoughtful as it is enjoyable, displaying his ability to balance substance with style.

3. 'The Voice'

Year Released: 2020

Singles: "The Voice," "Stay Down" and "Backdoor"

Coming in with the bronze on our list, we have The Voice. This album showcases Lil Durk's talent for poignant storytelling, painting vivid pictures of life on the streets of Chicago. "The Voice" resonates deeply with fans, proving Durk's capability to make his experiences universally relatable.

2. 'Almost Healed'

Year Released: 2023

Singles: "All My Life" and "Pelle Coat"

Almost Healed is Lil Durk's latest album, and is the runner up on our list for the best Lil Durk album. It was yet another incredible display of the Chicago native's talent, showing how he's only grown in his over-a-decade-long career.

1. '7220'

Year Released: 2022

Singles: "Pissed Me Off," "Broadway Girls," "AHHH HA," "Golden Child," "Computer Murderers" and "Did Shit to Me"

At the number one spot on our quest to find the best Lil Durk album is 7220, which Durk dropped in 2022. The album was his highest performing studio album to date, scoring him the number one spot on three US charts: the general charts (across all genres), the R&B charts, and the Hip-Hop charts.

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