24 Best Rappers Right Now: Meet Modern Hip-Hop's Best

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It's about time we talk about the best rappers right now. As we journey into the heart of the new golden age of hip-hop, there are plenty of worthy characters to discuss. From gritty storytelling to mesmerizing wordplay, here are the 24 artists currently ruling the scene. Keep in mind - with the amount of talent out there, we're bound to miss some notable contenders one way or another.

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24. Conway the Machine

Hometown: Buffalo, New York

Conway the Machine is bringing back the golden era of gritty, raw hip-hop with his lyrical prowess and hard-hitting beats.

23. baby keem

Hometown: Las Vegas, Nevada

Baby Keem is a rising star, captivating audiences with his dynamic beats and introspective lyrics.

22. Central Cee

Hometown: London, England

A West London native, Central Cee is making waves in the UK drill scene with his unique flow and hard-hitting lyrics.

21. Icewear Vezzo

Hometown: Detroit, Michigan

Hailing from Detroit, Icewear Vezzo's gripping narratives and sharp delivery highlight the city's resilience and spirit.

20. Chief Keef

Hometown: Chicago, Illinois

Chicago's own Chief Keef has surely left his mark on hip-hop, influencing a new generation of artists with his raw style and authentic storytelling.


Hometown: Chicago, Illinois (ICYTWAT) and Harlem, New York (Thoto)

This dynamic duo composed of ICYTWAT and Thoto are poised to take over this year. From the production to their vocal approach and corresponding visuals, their work is absolutely incredible.

18. Ken Carson

Hometown: Atlanta, Georgia

Ken Carson, an Atlanta native, has stormed the rap scene with his electric flow and innovative sound. He has a huge buzz around his signing to Playboi Carti, who he will soon be on tour with.

17. Destroy Lonely

Hometown: Atlanta, Georgia

Just like Ken, Destroy has benefitted from the buzz of Playboi Carti, and will also be joining him on tour. Known for his versatility, Destroy Lonely blends various elements to create a unique sound that's propelling him among the best rappers right now.

16. Luh Tyler

Hometown: Tallahassee, Florida

Luh Tyler, representing Florida, has captivated audiences with his creative lyricism and catchy melodies. He's been having one hell of a year so far.

15. Young Thug

Hometown: Atlanta, Georgia

Young Thug continues to redefine hip-hop with his experimental style and avant-garde fashion. Even while he's been locked up, he managed to drop one of the projects of the year to date.

14. Lil Durk

Hometown: Chicago, Illinois

Hailing from Chicago, Lil Durk's gritty storytelling and poignant rhymes continue to resonate with fans worldwide. Ever since he broke into the limelight, he's been on a straight path upward.

13. Lucki

Hometown: Chicago, Illinois

Lucki, a Chicago native, has mastered the art of introspective rap, making him a standout in the industry. He just dropped off a brand new project, s*x, m*ney, and dr*gs.

12. Young Nudy

Hometown: Atlanta, Georgia

Atlanta-based Young Nudy captivates with his evocative storytelling, demonstrating why he's one of the best rappers right now. He never misses, and his latest album has zero skips.

11. Future

Hometown: Atlanta, Georgia

Atlanta's Future has been consistently among the best rappers right now, creating hit after hit with his signature autotune-laced voice. After recently selling his catalog, he's sure to be making some major moves soon.

10. Babyface Ray

Hometown: Detroit, Michigan

Babyface Ray brings to life the Detroit rap scene with his vivid storytelling and relaxed flow. He's witty, talented, and original, to say the least.

9. Veeze

Hometown: Detroit, Michigan

Veeze, another Detroit native, is a vibrant presence in the hip-hop scene with his unique beats and energetic delivery. His latest album, Ganger, proved to be a classic.

8. Lil Yachty

Hometown: Atlanta, Georgia

With his distinct voice and playful style, Lil Yachty has become a recognizable figure among the best rappers right now. Watch out for him and his collective of creatives, Concrete Boys.

7. Kendrick Lamar

Hometown: Compton, California

Kendrick Lamar, a wordsmith hailing from Compton, has been instrumental in bringing lyricism back to mainstream hip-hop. His discography is a testament to his position as the finest among the best rappers right now.

6. 21 Savage

Hometown: Atlanta, Georgia

With his inimitable style and fearless lyrics, 21 Savage has solidified his place in the pantheon of modern hip-hop greats. He's currently on tour with Drake, leveling up show by show.

5. Lil Uzi Vert

Hometown: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Lil Uzi Vert's eccentric style and infectious energy have made him one of the most dynamic figures among the best rappers right now. He's not just a great recording artist, he's an absolutely incredible performer as well.

4. Yeat

Hometown: Irvine, California

Yeat's unique flow and signature ad-libs have cemented him as one of the best rappers right now. It's like he's created a whole subculture surrounding himself and his music. Every time he drops, it seems like the whole industry stops for a moment to listen.

3. Playboi Carti

Hometown: Atlanta, Georgie

Playboi Carti's innovative style and ever-evolving sound have made him a standout among the best rappers right now. He's easily one of the most popular rappers amongst the youth.

2. Ice Spice

Hometown: New York, New York

Ice Spice has managed to completely innovate in an industry that sees a lot of the opposite. While people aren't quick to give her flowers, she surely deserves them. She still hasn't missed with a single release to date.

1. Drake

Hometown: Toronto, Ontario, Canada

At the number one spot on our list of the best rappers right now, we rightfully have Drake. A global sensation, Toronto’s Drake has consistently been setting records and redefining the sound of hip-hop. His tour with 21 Savage alone justifies why we have him at the top spot.

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