The 31 Most Underrated Rappers in the Game

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When it comes to the most underrated rappers in the rap game, there's plenty of discussion to be had. Hip-hop has always been a platform for artists to speak their truth, craft their stories, and showcase their unique styles. While the spotlight shines on mainstream giants, there's a multitude of talent lurking in the shadows, waiting for their moment of recognition. This list is a tribute to the most underrated rappers who have made significant contributions to the culture yet haven’t received the widespread acclaim they rightly deserve. Let’s dive into the world of bars, flows, and stories that have brought these artists bring into the mix.

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31. T$AN

Top Song: "Bird's Eye View"

30. KrispyLife Kidd

Top Song: "Arguing" (with Rio da Yung OG)

29. Benji Blue Bills

Top Song: "GTFOH"

28. Ysr Gramz

Top Song: "Chain" (with YN Jay)

27. GrindHard E

Top Song: "Run Down" (with Lil Yachty, Rio da Yung OG, Veeze, RMC Mike, Louie Ray)

26. Louie Ray

Top Song: "Movie" (with Rio da Yung OG)

25. YN Jay

Top Song: "Coochie" with Louie Ray

24. Shawny Binladen

Top Song: "Whole Lotta Wickery" (feat. Bizzy Banks)

23. Hurricane Wisdom

Top Song: "AI (feat. Luh Tyler)"

22. Kwad

Top Song: "Rich Ooter" (feat. Bizzy Banks)

21. $odaman

Top Song: "Heroic"

20. Mick Jenkins

Top Song: "Carefree"

19. 2Ski

Top Song: "Free Ralo" (feat. Veeze)

18. Sid Shyne

Top Song: "Cyberlove 333" from 'Dreams Unlocked'

17. Jae Skeese

Top Song: "Burner Phone" from 'Abolished Uncertainties'

16. Blvck Svm

Top Song: "tarragonbutter" from 'mangalica mink'

15. RMC Mike

Top Song: "Flintana" with YN Jay, Lil Yachty, Louie Ray

14. Rio da Yung OG

Top Song: "Legendary"

13. Sexyy Red

Top Song: "Pound Town"

12. Baby Money

Top Song: "Had to Ask" (feat. Babyface Ray)

11. Scar Lip

Top Song: "This Is New York"

10. Robb Bank$

Top Song: "Bad Vibes Forever"

9. Huey Briss

Top Song: "Heavenly Gates"


Top Song: "SHIRT"

7. J Dlux

Top Song: "3 Days In"

6. Bizzy Banks

Top Song: "Quarantine Freestyle"

5. Concrete Boys (Dc2Trill, Draft Day, KARRAHBOO, Camo!)

Top Song: "Three Six Talk" by Lil Yachty (feat. Dc2Trill and Draft Day)

4. Rome Streetz

Top Song: "Big Steppa" from 'KISS THE RING'

3. G Perico

Top Song: "Gangster's Anonymous" from 'LA SUMMERS2' (with GotdamnitDupri)

2. Veeze

Top Song: "Law N Order"

1. G.T.

Top Song: "Meg Thee Stallion" (with Babyface Ray, Veeze, Icewear Vezzo)

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