23 Fire Emerging Artists to Look Out For in 2023

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For those who keep up with ONE37pm, you know we're no strangers to the most fire emerging artists in music. Here's a walkthrough of the best of the best. Remember - this list is in no particular order.

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23. Hardrock

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Hardrock had quite the year in 2022. The artist's top-streaming song on Spotify, "feel alive," came to fruition this year from their 6-song EP, SLATTYDON. The song is a perfect indication of what the artist has in store for their listeners. Take a listen for yourself.

22. Fresco Trey

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Fresco Trey is no stranger to the ONE37pm pages, and for good reason. This artist had an absolute breakout year in 2022, featuring on Vory's album alongside artists like Kanye West, NAV, Yung Bleu, Landstrip Chip, and BEAM. Did we mention he broke over a million monthly listeners on his Spotify?

21. Snow Banks

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Snow Banks is another artist on our radar who's had a major year in 2022. Talk about putting in work: they dropped an EP featuring Autumn!, Deric, and Ronny J, as well as featuring on 30 Deep Grimeyy's single, "Black Angel."

20. paopao

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We've been keeping an eye on paopao as well, and for good reason. She's been tearing up the streaming game, amassing over two million monthly listeners on Spotify by the start of 2023. Take a listen to her latest, diamante$ + espina$.

19. Quez4Real

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Quez4Real is another artist who's made a major push in 2022, and has become one of our personal favorite up-and-comers at ONE37pm after stopping by the office in 2022. While he's still at a relatively early point in his career, he shows notable signs of promise, like his song "Go Harder," for example, which just broke 100k streams on Spotify.

18. Nana

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Next up on our list of fire emerging artists is Nana. This artist has culminated a following of dedicated listeners in LA, NYC, and London, amongst other major cities. Nana's 2022 album, From the District to the World, was a huge standout, featuring acts like Kent Jamz, Buddy, Rae Khalil, and Garren.

17. Mariangela

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Mariangela had quite a year in 2022, scoring over 200k monthly listeners on Spotify, along with dropping her top streaming song, "Cama y Mesa," which is sitting at over a million streams on Spotify. 4+1 is the latest from Mariangela, and its heat.

16. 2ski

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At number 16 on our list is 2ski, who's had yet another promising year of developing his career. He stopped by the office earlier this year, and we discussed his history in sports, as well as some of the eye-catching features he's culminated to date. He recently dropped off his latest project, Scary Hours 2.

15. Lancey Foux

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We've kept an eye on Lancey Foux for years now, and as of late, his career has been blossoming more than ever. His 2022 album was a major step forward, featuring artists like Jah$tar, KAYTRANADA, and 070 Shake.

14. HDBeenDope

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We had the luxury of connecting in person with HDBeenDope this year, one of the youngest artists signed to RocNation. It's great to see a Brooklynite signed to Jay-Z and as proud of it as HD is. He deserves it, and is shining accordingly. Take a listen to his 2022 EP, What Can They Say.

13. Belis

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Next up on our list is Belis, one of the most talented female up-and-comers on our radar. She's really got a special type of style, and we're hoping she has an even more active 2023. Take a listen to her song "Kate Moss" below!

12. Bear1Boss

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Atlanta is home to many of the top up-and-c0ming artists of our generation. Amongst this pool of talent is Bear1Boss, one of our personal favorite artists out of Atlanta. His 2022 album, Integrity, is an exciting look at what's to come this year from the gifted artist.

11. BEAM

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YouTube / Epic Records / BEAM

Next up on our list of fire emerging talent is BEAM, who went off in 2022 with his album, ALIEN. The project featured the likes of Vory, Justin Bieber, Landstrip Chip, Jorja Smith, Zacari, Valee, and even his own father, Papa San. Take a listen for yourself.

10. Hass Irv

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Hass Irv came up in many types of discussions this past year: music, web3, and even merch with his Brain Face balaclavas. As 2023 has started, we can't wait to see what he has in store. Here's how Hass decided to kick off the year:

9. Yung Sinn

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Yung Sinn / YouTube

At this point, it's no secret that Yung Sinn has signed to 21 Savage, and it seems he's gotten plenty viral videos under his belt to date. Since we initially mentioned him in our Curiously Curated series, he's been racking up numbers on Spotify, especially on his "Ben10" single.

8. Lil Polo Tee

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We've been big supporters of Lil Polo Tee for years now, and for good reason. Year after year, he's been stepping up and elevating his career. In 2022, he dropped an album called More to Life Than This Pt 2, and it cranks.

7. Lil Crix

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Out of Kodak Black's camp emerges a new star named Lil Crix. He's no stranger to our pages, as we've mentioned him in our Curiously Curated series. His song with Kodak "Spin The Block" has broken 100k streams on Spotify, and their collab with Real Boston Richy is nearing half a million streams.

6. Blu DeTiger

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Blu DeTiger had a major 2022, from streaming to social media and beyond. Whether you want to base it on her bass-strumming TikTok videos or high performing singles, it's impossible to argue that she's continued to accrue success again and again. Here's a look at her latest:

5. Ken Carson

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YouTube / Ken Carson / Opium

Ken Carson has been everywhere this year digitally. If you are even remotely interested in hip-hop, you must've seen his face or heard his music somewhere. This is no surprise, considering he's signed to Playboi Carti's Opium.

4. Destroy Lonely

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Next up on our list of fire emerging artists is Destroy Lonely, another Opium signee under Playboi Carti. It seems like throughout the year, all you'd hear on underground rap social media was about Opium and its signees. Destroy Lonely's 2022 album, NO STYLIST, was a huge success, and sends him into 2023 with strong momentum.

3. Midwxst

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Another artist we absolutely have to mention on this list of fire emerging artists is Midwxst. We wrote about him earlier in 2022, and it would be wrong to start 2023 without re-emphasizing just how impressive his music and overall growth is.

2. TiaCorine

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We've been big supporters of TiaCorine, and we're not alone. Even Drake is on board the Tia bandwagon, which is growing by the day. Her song "Freaky T" was her ticket to the next level of stardom, and she's riding the wave seamlessly. We can't wait to see what's next for Tia - and we can't wait for her to come back to the ONE37pm office again to beat Aaron in video games.


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We've been adamant about how fire THOTTWAT is. Both members of the duo, Thoto and ICYTWAT, have shown promise in their own rights, but as a group, they are on another level. They've dropped one song to date, "Shirt," which has accumulated over three million streams on Spotify alone. We can't wait to see what's next from these two. Seriously.

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